Hollywood Endorsers of Cosmetic Brands

With the fresh news that Katy Perry is the newest face of Cover Girl and the recent collaboration of MAC with Rihanna, truly, marketers of several cosmetics or hair products rely on a lot of pop stars, celebrities and musicians to sell their products and improve their position in the market.

With a lot of  cosmetic brands, new collections, limited editions, products and lines, using endorsers or brand ambassadors of all kind, how do you choose? What would ground you in your decisions to buy or purchase?

As a former marketer, I know how it works. Brands (usually department store ones because luxury products would usually use makeup artists, designers, etc) utilize famous celebrities or endorsers to push for their new products to generate sales through testimonials or limited edition collections but also to represent the image of what they are selling. For example, MAC would usually choose popular artists with bold choices of color or texture because that's what they are about. It takes a lot of time to choose that person because it will be the face of the brand which in the end will be our basis for choosing a lipstick, bronzer or powder at the first look, at the first impression.

As a consumer, what now? I will leave you some tips/guidelines based on my experience in terms of choosing a brand or selecting/buying different new products from brands that feature celebrities/artists/endorsers.

1. Choose a brand or buy a product with a celebrity/singer/star that you can relate with.Not just because she is popular.
Often than not, you will feel inclined to the new product or brand who features a popular artist, one that is in the Billboard 100 or who has received a Grammy, but make sure you relate with her, what she believes in, her style or personality and connect it with yourself and everything else. This is the healthiest and most right way for us consumers, for them marketers and for the stars because that's how we create a deep collaboration transcending the print advertisement, TV commercial or the new product.

For example, I would be naturally attracted to Beyonce because I idolize her, the way she carries herself, her independence and her projection of worth as a woman (Have you watched her "4" documentary?). And whenever I see her advertisements with L'Oreal, I feel like I can relate, that I get my inspiration back, and by wearing that product she endorsers (hair color, nude lipsticks and smokey eyes by L'Oreal Paris), I truly feel that I'm worth it, that I'm confident. (I would even repeat that tag line sometimes after each and every lipstick retouch haha)

2. Select a brand or new product that the celebrity or endorser has a special, unique iconic collaboration with.
Especially when you're a real hard core fan of that artist, buy that product that is so special and unique that it embodies what the endorser or celebrity is all about, like how I bought all the MAC Nicki Minaj lipsticks, and how I went gaga over the RiRi Loves MAC collection (which are by the way all limited). Because you know that moving forward, it is something that that they use, and thus you feel in sync with them and the brand.

3. Buy that product or brand that you feel is truthful for the celebrity/artist and for you.
Sometimes, you see celebrities endorsing a makeup brand through a commercial but then you see a completely different set of products that the hair stylists or makeup artists use on her(a lot of local brands in the Philippines do it!). Or you see a lipstick ad from an artist, and then you see an Instagram post from her feautiring a luxury lipstick that she bought

And that is also why social media is popular. Because it can give you clues. Ask your stylist or makeup friend. Check on Behind the Scenes videos in Youtube. Stalk the Instagram accounts of these celebrities. It would help because when your decision relies on their testimonial, you deserve the right to observe and criticize.

But of course, there are certain products that you believe these people use or let their artists use to them. For example:

I believe that Nicki Minaj uses her MAC lippies because I always see her unique coral pink color in American Idol and when she applies it all the time during breaks in the auditions of that show .And that she truly loves pink. And that she wears those in music videos (read: Starships!)

I believe that Rihanna have had or would use dark plum lippies and that Hayley Williams of Paramore have had/would wear MAC Sounds Like Noise because it's very much like them in terms of style and personality!

Here are other behind the scenes of celebrities endorsing cosmetic brands. What do you think of their products and testimonials?

Jennifer Lopez' signature hair style and quality for L'Oreal hair.

Taylor Swift for Cover Girl color cosmetics

Emma Stone for the infamous Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I actually saw this newest video by Miley Cyrus and can you spot the MAC Ruby Woo? If she would endorse a nude sheer lipstick by another brand, I really wouldn't believe because I see her Instagram and she clearly loves matte red lipsticks in full coverage.

4. Check your loyalty with the brand and your experiences with their products.
Because this is the core. Endorsements, limited collections and advertisements will come and go, but real-life testimonials on the brand's reputation, its services and products will stay and help you decide a lot easier.


  1. This is definitely a post worth reading :) Thank you!

  2. Best post for me. Thanks for this.

  3. My first impression "Ang gondo ni Katy Perry!!" anyway, I've adored Emma Stone's avp on Revlon, magical and spontaneous. For me, I got the impact from TS' Covergirl eh, because of her statement eyeliner and red lips na effortless look. Covetable but wearable. So everyone wanted to know the brands she's wearing na. :>

  4. Good thing the Rihanna lipsticks are awesome!

  5. i love this post. very worth reading and lots of tips :) all i can say is ang gaganda nila :) hehehe


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