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T.LeClerc Paris Elixir

 A fantasy woman, feminine and mysterious in the extreme. With the magic of changing colours and metallic glints, these incredible elixirs of youth are transforming makeup this holiday.

I personally think that T.LeClerc is underestimated. The collections are good and the products are nice in terms of quality and I have proven this especially with these 2 collections. One is the Elixir. Let's start with the nails.
T.LeClerc Spectacular Nail Varnishes (limited edition)
SRP: PHP 595
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) Glossy or metallic nail varnishes in deep tones. I got the violet one and while it's not so similar or glossy versus the promotional picture above, this one is matte and deep bluish.

Swatch of T.LeClerc Spectacular Nail Varnish - 1 coat, with flash
(+) Fluid texture for easy application and a semi-matte finish that lasts and lasts.
The hypoallergenic formula** combines gentle ingredients with high-performance active ingredients.
Free of formaldehyde resin, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.

Swatch of T.LeClerc Spectacular Nail Varnish - 1 coat, with flash
(+) I super like the consistency. It's quite thick despite the fuid texture but it gives good color pay-off

Part of the collection is the lipstick. These are permanent items so I will review it in detail but I must say that the quality is very much similar to Bobbi Brown's.
T.LeClerc Mystere Pressed Powder (limited edition)
SRP: PHP 1450
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

A hybrid colour in a 2-shade mosaic: Moka and Translucide suit all skin tones, adding warmth and evening out the complexion. The silky texture makes it easy to apply, leaving skin soft and naturally beautiful.
The powder comes in an ultra-modern black lacquered box so you can use it anywhere. 

Now with my best bet in this entire thing is the eyeshadow pen.
T.LeClerc Velour Eye Shadow Pens
SRP: PHP 995
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) T. LeClerc presents an innovative makeup tool that is both precise and practical, featuring a retractable lead and built-in sharpener. 
(+) FInal effect is a deep or shimmering like the wings of a butterfly.
(+) Gentle pens are very comfortable to use, leaving intense, high-contrast shades for supernatural eyes.

Swatch of T.LeClerc Veloue Eyeshadow Pen in  Noir Mystère    - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of T.LeClerc Veloue Eyeshadow Pen in  Noir Mystère    - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of T.LeClerc Veloue Eyeshadow Pen in  Noir Mystère    - 2 coats, with flash

(+/-) The eyeshadow pen is quite big as you can see above and while it can be used as eyeliner (but in big lines), this is purely for eyeshadow purposes because it can only give thick defined lines. My friend who has chinita eyes loves this because she doesn't have to spend so much on thin eyeliners when her eyes need big lines.
(+) As you can see the swatch of black below, color pay off, consistency and coverage are all good.
Swatch of New T.LeClerc Eyeshadow Pens - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of New T.LeClerc Eyeshadow Pens - 2 coats, with flash, smudged
(+) Now what makes the black liner very good is its lasting power. It's so hard to remove and has little reaction to force. Perfect for smokey eyes that last!

Now the shimmery/glittery white shadow swatch above is from the product below.
T.LeClerc Etoile Eye Pencil New limited edition
SRP : 895
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) Like a magic wand, this pencil illuminates your face and body with gold or silver sparks which are very luxurious for me (not too big)
(+/-) I have so many glitter powders but I think it works just like that because versus the pen above, this one is easy to smudge

Now to the second product of the second collection, Les Secret de Theophile, word has it that… from London to New York, stars of the screen are fighting over this stunning retro-chic bottle... 
The Secret Powder Limited edition
SRP : 1,850
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) As precious as ever in its large bottle and its retro crocheted pear-shaped atomiser (like a perfume), the Théophile LeClerc’s secret powder releases a veil of dream for each press.
(+) Ultra sweet and silky-soft, the powder is sprayed onto the body, neckline and hair in a sparkling and delicately fragranced cloud.
(+) Glitters not too big = luxurious!
(+) Collectable object or perfect Christmas gift? It is presented in a stunning box!

Overall, I like T.LeClerc collections this year and they're perfect for those who want luxurious feel and effects. What's your favorite from this brand? Of course, you can view this at Rustan's The Beauty Source.

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