7 For All Mankind Party Fridays

Gone were the days where I would go from one party to another - night life as they call it - where there's lot of dancing like crazy, meeting new people on that crowded floor, showing off some sexuality (read: not equivalent to sex!), and enjoying the music made louder and better than life. There is so much in partying that some people don't understand ;)

7 for All Mankind, " the world’s premiere brand of denim-lifestyle products", invited us to their Party Fridays at Republiq. It's been a while since I visited a club and I felt I wanna show my "carefree and cool" self again!  haha
I would usually go to Republiq with my cousins and friends, but this time, I went with my co-fashion/beauty bloggers. It was very nice partying with them, outside the digital world!
DID YOU KNOW that 7 for All Mankind was founded in 2000? Quite young but "the Los Angeles based premium denim brand quickly earned critical acclaim due to its innovations in fit, fabric and finish." I would agree seeing these visuals especially from their new campaign c/o Bryan Franco.
"Born from an art film imagined and created by James Franco in collaboration with the brand’s creative agency, LIPMAN, the unorthodox campaign is an innovative multimedia experience that embodies the brand’s roots and ‘forever cool’ aesthetic." Below is the Episode 1 featuring Lily as the protagonist.
"Shadowing a cast of actors, artists, models and musicians that embody the Los Angeles way of life, the campaign evokes the causal lifestyle interspersed with fashion and sexuality, the resulting imagery and film communicates the brands’ values with a realism that is entirely unique." These vintage videos were shown during the party and I was very much amazed as these are very honest and artistic and saying so much about different issues.

And i think that these are truly unique, creative and real! You can see episodes 2-7 at the latter part of this post.

Thanks for introducing me to 7 for All Mankind Philippines! Visit their stores at Greenbelt 5, Rockwell and Trinoma and to know more about 7FAM and for Updates about their events, giveaways, and new collections..
Follow them on twitter: @7FAMphilippines
Like them on Facebook: 7 For All Mankind Philippines

Here are some of our photos during the Party! ;)
Kelly Medina, Tin (and i love that pose), and Me
with Aisa Ipac
Denim love! haha with Paul Chuapoco
Me, Jackie , Neil Etheridge, Tin and Arnie Villanueva
Kelly, Rovie Divinagracia, Vergil Chua and Mico Carreon


  1. Great party! :) Maybe this should be my next destination for anything denim! Haha!



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