Bloggers United 3

Entering the world of blogging, is not an easy and mundane task. Albeit it may - and there's nothing wrong - with posting mini-diaries of everything - from the food that you've loved, to the necklaces and lipglosses that made you stand out for a day, the moments where you felt powerful with that red lipstick - each blog is an assertion of one's self in front of this huge world, amidst different issues, diverse brands, numerous trends. Each word saved in this cyber space represents the empowered YOU/I  because unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the public post is rationalized, personalized and asserted.
Camille and I last Bloggers United 3
I've worked / been working with a lot of them for years and only until I had my own that I realized the complexity and responsibility that comes with it! They say what fuels a blogger is passion for your craft / niche. I remembered Back in Ateneo, Camille and I were Management students and on top of what we do in school, we pursued what we really loved! Below was a sample of my work as makeup artist back then! I got the chance to work with Camille who perfectly modeled for her successful clothing business, Co-exist. ;) Similarly, I bet that aside from passion, there's always the tedious work (from shoots, reviewing products and brands, etc) in blogging.

But what makes it really interesting for me as a fashion/beauty blogger (and a reader!!) is seeing and traveling to each of our own worlds; and discovering not just what's exterior about a blog author's style, look or make up, but also inside - what's behind such style? what is the inspiration for the look which gives us a glimpse of her/his life? - which may contribute to better understanding of beauty (and fashion) in a universal way because we get to see within, and see a LOT.

So I attended the Bloggers United 3 and Beauty Junkie's (beauty blogger's) Meet & Greet to further enhance my traveling experience! Aside from shopping (and learning), it was the venue to meet and see personally the fashion and beauty bloggers of Manila, and witness their worlds!

First, Bloggers United! "After holding two successful events last year, Bloggers United has easily become one of the most anticipated affairs for both fashion bloggers and readers in the metro.  More than just a bazaar, Bloggers United also partners with charitable groups to use and channel their influence in a positive manner."

and it was really more than just bazaar! There were around 40 blogger worlds! (talk about blog-world-hoppin') I was super late though so I was only able to take few pictures =(
With the stunning Dominique Tiu of 
My look and I just randomly placed the beautiful fox tail I bought from Gelo Arucan of ! haha!
Thanks Paul of for this photo!!

See? I also traveled to Indonesia and got to meet  Anastacia Siantar of The Brown Platform!!
with the colorful and pretty Joanna Ladrido of
I heard there's a Part 4 of this affair and I hope you get to travel also!


  1. intresting read mikki, i love your whole outfit here esp that fox tail :3

    1. wow thank you and see you soon! yeah kinabit ko lang kung san san ung fox tail i loved it e! haha

  2. Wow... Your post is so inpiring... And I am loving the way that you styled yourself for the B.U.3 ... Can't wait for the meet and greet part :)

  3. I agree with everything you said above. Our blogs, though we are all beauty/fashion bloggers, show our individuality and we learn from each other. I like the fox tail.

    Will I be seeing soon?

    Sammy ♥

    1. Thanks so much Sammy! Hope you this Aug 24, right? ;)


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