Born This Way Ball

In the song "Hair", Lady Gaga asked us to be as free as our hair. As for me, I think that I have always been, but even more last night in all aspects - myself, art, music, Lady Gaga- after the Born This Way Ball in the SM MOA Arena.

Speaking of freedom, I think it entails knowing and breaking notions and ideas that can put us to prison forever, may it be in art, beauty, politics, or even life. And the Born This Way Ball somehow helped me, and hopefully us, reach our own liberation.

"I've had enough, this is my prayer. That I'll die livin' just as free as my hair." (Hair) Contrary to what they say, based on the lyrics, Lady Gaga has a god. And as she told us yesterday, "she wants the best for all of us". Thing is, in this song, she compares freedom with hair (read: figure of speech!) and I can totally relate because I can be blonde, red-head or brunette, as long as I want.

So I attended the concert with this look. I was in the mosh pit area and people called me a lot of things but I didn't care and I was as free as my hair, and my makeup =)
As for the show, despite all the political and religious protests and close-minded thinking, Lady Gaga as an artist showed especially yesterday, what she stood for: "a big giant statement of art liberation" every element of which further touched every part of her little monsters, every fabric of my identity. 

First, the stage! It was truly frightening but glamorous. It was like a haunted house, but only that beautiful creatures lived on it. And I guess that's the point of art: to make you scared at first and realize how beautiful and different it is at the end!
Of course, our Mother Monster in her Gaga clothes, makeup, music and performance! My goosebumps didn't go away for 2 hours! This was truly beyond fashion, a song and a concert.
While taking pictures using left hand, i did put my paws up using the other during this part! 
Her sleeves were enormous! And looked like a Filipiniana indeed with all the holes or windows.
Now that's a hat!
The picture above was very American but the below saved it! 
This specific performance was very artistic and sentimental! She sang Hair and and I couldn't forget this because this was when I really cried. I know right? But who wouldn't? 

Moreover, her speech moved me! Quoting Lady Gaga, "And to those of you that don't feel free, take the best opportunity to free yourselves. I just feel like, you know, so many people have been protesting and it really doesn't bother me truly because I know that there has to be change, but for all those kids all over the world that take their lives when they're so young because they feel bullied or they're afraid because they're gay and they don't want to tell anybody, don't you think that some of us should stand up and say the godd**mn truth? It's true. It's not about the music, it's not about, it's not about anything, it's not about my clothes, it's not about having a hit record, it's the fucking goddamn truth that people in the world need to be free of who they are and be proud and feel valuable no matter where they are." (MTV)
Below was when she said "hi" to me with her monster fingers, and smiled. I was close to tears!!! Felt like I can die already. ;)
 Yes, she could fight like that! And she won last night.
Furthermore, her dancers were far from ordinary.You may call them of deviant color, or gender but they comprised the whole thesis statement of acceptance, of not being afraid of who you are and of doing what you want to do no matter what. ;)
The guy below's a Filipino! Gaga introduced her to the audience and looked too proud of him. ;) She kept saying how she loved Filipinos, and Filipino gays, and gays in general. Thing is, her music went beyond pop and served as statements representing the "underdogs" of the society, the ones bullied, looked down upon. And as they say, that makes an art, truly art, with purpose and meaning.
Gaga said, "It's in uniqueness that we are all the same". True enough, through Lady Gaga's spell, we were all equal in that arena. People didn't mind "crazy" monster dancing, excessive makeup...
or people who dress up like this. And that's because we were born this way.
Truly one of the best days of my life! Thank God for Gaga.


  1. Lovely pictures! Plus I saw you! I was too shy to approach you and say hi! Love your blog! :)

    xoxo Raffi :)

    1. Oh, thanks so much!! Hope we were able to chat!

      Have a happy day!


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