Not Gonna Talk or Write, Just Ride

Ever since I was a kid, I loved riding literally and figuratively. I think when you're too young, you don't think too much and you just go with whatever it is that comes along the way. 
with my cousins at Baguio. O diba mahilig na mag travel and peg?
But as we grow old, there are certain things that we think about - like acceptance, identity -  that let us hinder experiencing life, being ourselves with people. We just go near to the wall, observe, think and understand everyone, not knowing that like flowers, we are meant to be seen and recognized. For quite a long time, I must admit, I was a wallflower.
Photo taken by my friend Erick Habijan when I was in college for his Photography class in Ateneo
But not now.
This is not a formal review of the movie that made me realize this or a comprehensive story of my life, and love, but more of a short reflection. haha Not much of a college reflection type (if basing on format!). But aside from the coming-of-age-kind-of movie which we all can always relate to in terms of identity, freedom, love, life, which i will not spoil, it also tells so much about the way we view or be part of a story!
I never read the book but thanks Netbooster Asia and Astro Vision for inviting me to watch this extraordinary film last Wednesday at SM Megamall!
Because also, while in every typical movie, I would always put myself in the position of the protagonist (e.g. at one time I saw myself as Tom of 500 Days of Summer, and then Basha of One More Chance haha) and this would control everything about me for a certain time, this just taught me to be a partaker of my own life, to sort of put down my stories, the past, the things I watch and just to be break free with the people who love and care. To observe but to ride with life, no matter what.
Logan Lerman is really cute and superb in this role!! (love)
So when you watch the movie, for sure, you will be a wallflower in a way. Of course, you can always relate to the movie. But the challenge is to be like Charlie, that despite all the restraints and stories, and the below status quo, still leaning towards the infinite. ;)
If you haven't watched the movie, see the trailer below! Anyway I'm really planning on buying the book!!
And my favorite scene...
And my favorite song from the soundtrack - which I'm addicted to! I love vintage songs!!
So when are you watching? =) Photos from Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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