Fight Against Breast Cancer

While I am typing this entry, my 50-year old tita, Glecy Giorla, who has recovered from Stage 3 breast cancer but was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the bones and some pneumonia, is being treated in the hospital with all the best that our family doctors can give. And while I'm here, blogging about her merciful condition, I'm giving all my prayers - and I hope you can do it for me too - and channeling all the courage that I can give to our relatives because the doctors think that there is not so much that they can do. And because this is all that I can do for now.
She just recently graduated with honors for the a PHD program in UST. This was when she was still wearing that wig because of chemotheraphy.. and just when we thought that she was free of cancer.

Because apparently, there is so much that we need to know about this disease that could kill the women that we love in this life. The symptoms, the effects of chemotheraphy, the food that we eat, our lifestyle - all these matter in our fight or prevention of this illness.

I am very much thankful for the people who support her financially and emotionally. My mom who's also diagnosed with benign tumors in her chest, has been there to stand by her side. And while I can't give all of my time and effort, I really hope that someday, I will be able to say that I have helped my  mom prevent or cure hers, and do this as well for the women that I love, and the women that I don't personally know of.

I really want to be a part of this movement . When Estee Lauder emailed me about Breast Cancer, in the midst of these sad news, and the breast cancer awareness month, of my birthday month, I have just honestly required myself to dedicate my efforts in this blog and in social media, with pure heart, in helping in this advocacy through a brand that cares and invests in medical research and education. Because after all, I cannot do it just by myself: I don't have that huge amount of money, but I earn by this industry, and I must admit that I will use this for the greater good.

One of the things that my tita needed was courage and support. She was in denial and she would always tell my mom all her pain, literally and figuratively, because she just couldn't tell anyone. I remember texting her a lot about life, hope and strength but I rarely got a reply because maybe she was too shy to open up with me.

Same as with any problem or dilemma, a support group will really be helpful for anyone's who's suffering from a disease. Through social media which we consume almost every hour, we can encourage people to share their thoughts and open up through milestones, because this creates a community that can encourage hope, courage and positivity, despite all.

Aside from this, when we post our milestone, Estee Lauder will be donating $1 to every shared photo or quote. Now as Filipinos, this is where we can maximize our title as social media capital. I really hope you can help me, yourselves, Estee Lauder and the women that we love in this movement.
Kindly visit Estee Lauder Philippines in FB and click the "Moments of Courage" application to start with this.
Now I really wish I could have done this before everything else happened =( I hope It's not too late. And I hope that you pray for my tita. That's all.

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