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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Women for years have enjoyed the successful range dedicated to the shine and care of colour-treated hair by the world’s number one luxury hair care brand, Kérastase; and now, a new promise of 40 days of colour perfection…
I and fellow Manila beauty bloggers. We're all so colorful!!
I have tried using Kerastase especially its color range when I had my highly-colored brown hair. I can say, despite continuous retouching, I was able to preserve the color with that intensity and shine! See below photo 2 years ago. When it comes to art of color and hair, I really believe in Kerastase (its art and science in perfecting hair) which most of my hairdressers recommend!!

Now, CHROMA CAPTIVE is the new colour care line with exclusive Système Capture™ for 40 days of colour perfection*. Leveraging the latest research on chromatic measures, the L’Oréal Advanced Research combines 4 peak technologies to capture and prolong hair colour in its most perfect state. Depth-Reflects-Shine: a proven efficiency measured on all key colour parameters.See more details here.
An exhibit presenting years of sublime shine and colour protection
I was lucky enough to receive samples of this improved range and I will have my color treated soon and test it with this product!
On the 3rd floor of the W Tower at the Fort. Everything pink and it is so amazing!
This new range includes Bain Chroma Captive, a colour radiance protecting shampoo, Fondant Chroma Captive, a daily shine intensifying care, and Masque Chroma Captive, a shine intensifying masque—great additions to the strong history of colour care by the REFLECTION range of Kérastase.
 A short program headed by the brand’s Business Unit Manager, Glowillyn Robillo, started the evening. 
Laura Charlton, Kérastase’s Media Advocate, was introduced and she spoke of the impressive results on colour-treated hair by the new range, and its success among hairdressers. She was so honest to say that customers didn't had to retouch in her salon because of this product. ;) Speaking of salon, David's Salon, where Laura is working, will be sponsoring Break My Spell! Stay tuned ;)
And gracing the event was the owner of The Goose Station himself, Chef Rob Pengson, who gave a few words.
(Top left) Chef Rob Pengson, Owner, The Goose Station; (Top Right) Laura Charlton, Media Advocate,
Kérastase; and (Bottom) Glowie Robillo, Business Unit Manager, and Maita Gaerlan, Junior Product
Manager, Kérastase, with Chef Rob Pengso
Following the short program, a great three-course sumptuous meal hosted by one of the Metro’s leading restaurants, The Goose Station, was served. Each course was crafted to perfection not just in the way they were presented, but in the combination of flavours present in the dishes.
Sophie of instagramming this cute snack!
Great snack before the appetizer!!
Favorite peach snack with alcohol LOL
Appetizer: A different take on on the classic Eggs Benedict! It was love!!
I chose the hearty 24-hour steak and it was the best!
for dessert, I chose the cheesecake with berries!! ;)
I have great fascination for color, art, perfection and hair which Kerastase is known for. Based on experience, I believe that the new Chroma Captive range can deliver the promise of color perfection and I am excited to share with you my 40-day experience. Stay tuned everyone and thanks Kerastase for sharing this perfect news with us.

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  1. Can't wait for more exciting news! I want my hair done soon too and more colors hopefully. :) Uhmmm, ombre?

    Haha! But I want those foodies more haha! Looks delicious! :D


    1. i wanna have ombre too! so when you do color your hair try this as well ;) And yes the food is beyond amazing ;)


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