Fright Night

Oh well, my November was just fun but crazy and accident-lovin'!!! Tee hee Il Terrazzo Fright Night, parties with cousins, QC night-out's with bloggers, Zen Zest Diva-off and a lot more! But December will change ;)

At Purple Bar in Baguio HAHAHAH
FYI it was very cold in Baguio! hello lungs!
Chill mode at Urban Sessions (which is a very nice bar/resto in Bagiio) before the hard core weekend parties there haha
Suits my bro! Loving my new Ray-Ban frames ;)
BUT this didn't suit me. ARGGGHH
My favorite in Urban Sessions!
Before make-up shot of my sissie
After with Maybelline The Jewels and Bobbi Brown To-Go Smokey Kit ;)
To finish the rocker look with Levi's metallic jeggings! So envy of my sis I bought one!
Also made my cousin's makeup here using the same eye kit but lips c/o Estee Lauder for some soft peg!!
Shooting her #likeablogger ;)
Love the metallic details!!!!
#likeabeautyblogger pose at Space, a new bar in Tomas Morato ahahha
Their make-up c/o me! at Guilly's Island
Random night at Palladium Super Club with fellow bloggers Carlo, Nika and Marco
At Distriq! I just love the music here ;)
And the Il Terrazzo Fright Night! This one I can't remember at all! hhaha
DJ Lady Trinity! It was in November that I just heard the latest songs and I'm rooting for her to be part of the TDK DJ Sessions ;)
The Dark Knight!!
WOW Carlo!
Hi Niche!
Peter, Anne, Catch, Carlo and Nika!
Kat Evia
Asian is Kyle!
Oh, more Asians!

True Fashion blogger Nika ;)
Dani, Mikyle, Niche and his friend! Nice meeting these peeps!
And Kim and Daryl!
Shen channeling Anne Curtis in the #ZenZestDivaOff
Martha's really a DIVA! Ang galeeeng ;)
Callum at the launch
Congrats Trixie Reyna!
Great hosts Divine Lee and Derek Ramsey
So that's my crazy November!!! ;)


  1. Crazy November, it is!!!

    I super love all of the photos!

    On the other hand, always stay safe, Ms. Mikki!!!

    Love you! ^__^

  2. Ang sexy back teh! Kaya ka nahoholdap eh :P


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