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Last Thursday, October 25, 2012, I celebrated my 24th with my friends at Alphonse Lounge in City Golf Pasig. In the past, I would usually just go to parties (or Halloween parties haha) to celebrate but this 24th, I wanted it to be a chill night of rockeoke where I can record my friends' performances for me and blog about it haha (I'm really getting old and senti!!)
with college beshie and co-Dollhouser Erbie
early blogger birds Catch and Rovie!!
Lovely pizza!!! I just love cheese!
Dollhouse represent! Tanny, Janlee, Lui, Alfred, Nyko and Erick!!
I knew from TDK's Facebook that there's an Open Mic Night every Thursday at Alphonse so it was really a perfect time for me to celebrate my birthday here and let my friends sing for me haha
super great singer, Patty Raganza!
like Ranel who sang two songs! haha My favorite is Countdown. Thanks Ran!!
and Topper na bigay na bigay! haha
Those who sang got free XtremeMAC, official Apple accessories! Wow, this happens too every Thursday! I'm using one and I love how it really really protects my phone given that I'm the most clumsy person in the world. Since I don't have a great voice and I need a new design, I just got their iphone cases as gifts! haha I hope they're also giving away TDK boomboxes which they use here! ;)
Mor, Mark, Major and Topper! Thanks for coming!
This guy who approached me and sang for me (*kilig)! He has a great voice really!
Watch my friends' performances here! haha they're gonna upload it ;)
college-mates Gino and Mong!
More ABSOLUT VODKA for Ranel! and ABSOLUT MODE for Steph kasi fashown hehe
Miguel, Carlo, Steph and friends!!
Miss Patch, Marquis and cute bufie tee hee, Erick and Tanny
with me!
Alvin and Alfred! mwah!
What's up Gino! hahaha Gino, Mong and Jan!
Kami lang ang nakatingin ni Margaret at Steph! Nagauto-focus sa hair ni Miguel haha
Bloggers Nika of Your Fashion Inspiration, Ranel of I Need Attention, Marco of Pinoy Manila and Margaret of All Loving Chic!
Hi Ranel!! I thought you need attention??? haha
 Thanks for everyone who greeted, came and celebrated my 24th with me!!! ;) This was recorded! Tee hee


  1. Looks like you really had a blast! ^__^

    (Belated) Happy birthday, Ms. Mikki!!! ^__^

  2. Natawa ko sa captions!!! Ang bright kasi ng hair ni migs! kamusta naman ang tingin ko dun at cleavage ni nikka? hahaha!!!

    Thanks for the treat friend! Pinapanood namin gabi2 video ni vince while singing, for the love of ip4 case kahit walang phone. hahaahh!!!

  3. Belated happy birthday! Great celebration is always wiith great friends :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Mikki! All the best in life for you.:)


  5. Happy Birthday again Mikki... Really had fun that night..see you soon guys..

  6. Happy Birthday Mikki.. Ang funny nung mga caption.. :))


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