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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I was lucky enough to be one of 6 bloggers who became The Face Shop makeup artists/stylists/directors in a day (see my "masterpiece" below! haha) Unlike the usual, we were given the chance to experience the product while actually applying the newest Lovely Me:Ex collection (as I mentioned here) which promises different looks everyday, to The Face Shop models and ambassadors ;) This is a new and a very relevant way of letting people explore makeup because after all, we can only see the real effect of cosmetics when applied on skin or face.
Of course, we did visit The Face Shop and I will share later some cute stuff! *With my stunning friend, Nika of Your Fashion Inspiration
Workshop was done at TGI Fridays, Greenbelt and as always, their food rocked!
My work station!
We were given pegs and bracelets to inspire us!
These lovely babies and eyeshadows which I reviewed here! really love the color and texture which youll see later.
My model! She's actually warm-toned and brown looked good on her; so see below what colors I used!
Using the You & Eyes Mono Eyeshadows that I reviewed, I mixed brown, purple and green shades which resulted into this good mix of colors.
And please see the texture! It's really nice ;)
A little bronzer, semi-pink and nude lips to make it a bit colorful and falsies! And of course, the hair which was c/o Bench Fix.
Tada! what do you think? I think I also made her eyes bigger ;)
Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista with her model!
Now, Nika with her models! very colorful and very you ;)
Now with everyone! Love the different looks!
The fabulous Face Shop team! Thanks for having me!It was a very tiring but fun activity!
And the very accommodating and helpful advisers given how I'm so meticulous with make up. Love them!
And given how very OC I am in shopping. I love the colors and the vibe of their stores!
The new collection from eyes to lips!
And even Lovely Me:Ex nails! ever since, I'm a fan of The Face Shop's assortment of colors for nails
Wee! Shopping!
What did you think of my work? ;) And oh, I'm giving away the items from the newest collection here!

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  1. this event looked so fun!! congrats mikki! love your model's makeup :)


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