Cosmopolitan Bachelor Hunters

For one night, every beks, sis, pamhin, "parlorista" as others might label - and I don't see any negative side on being called one because after all, they are just doing (or even doing great) on the job that "fits", on a job that is the only one acceptable for others, were the ones who were watching.

Either to see men in those sexy outfits - because often there will be judgment by looking, but not here, or just to swoon at a sexy man's eyes, or fall-in-love with lovely lips or just how Hideo Muraoka would give and offer flowers to you (because for the bekis this might not even be possible), or meet with people who have a common ground, there is nothing wrong with appreciating. Just like Cosmo would say, FEARLESS females (and girls at heart)!

Thanks so much Cosmopolitan, Antonov, and to my friends who let me watch this show! Below are photos of the new and other bachelors of Cosmo! If you haven't seen the centerfolds (part 1) of this entry) and the past bachelors (part 2), click the links!
The stage!
Great host and opening! Regina of ticking her checklist and see if she's found the bachelor for her.
My friend Jasper Pua

Jose Sarasola
So cute =)
Another friend, Walter Demesa!
So cute, Vince Ferranen
Alex Anselmucho


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