Retro Matte

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Matte textures have the ability to make things deep or hollow or smaller by absorbing light - e.g. a matte contour powder gives the cheeks the illusion of a thinner one; a matte eye shadow deepens the eye further making it look bigger, etc. A retro (vintage) matte is a more intense matte popularized by MAC lipsticks.

Now, this might be quite different from all the other looks I post here where everything's so shiny shimmering splendid. I decided to create this look to emphasize what matte can do to your face because it can be perfect for people who have big or cheeky face like me, or with a protruded eyes (like no crease line - typical for Asians).

Here are the products used:
Brows: Majolica Majorca Lash & Brow Colorist
Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Palette
Eyeliner: BYS White Kohl Eyeliner
Mascara: Majolica Majorca Lash King
Base: MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation
Countour: Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder
Lips: MAC Retro Matte Riri Woo
Contact Lens: Fresh Look Gray

One should be very careful with using matte products because it might make the face look stronger than ever. As for this look, I decided to use browns and reds (a strong combination) to highlight that but when in ordinary world, it might better to use one strong color only, and the rest light/almost nude.
I had two focal points, the eyes and the lips (although another one is the cheeks). It would be better to have just one-two if you have strong features, but I wanted to emphasize this yet again.
MAC Retro Matte Riri Woo lipstick which I'll review soon!!
Overall I wanted a very vintage-looking LOTD that I hope I achieved through the products I used.

For the eyes, I always make sure my eyes appear bigger. I used all matte textures and finishes for the shadow from Bobbi Brown with a smokey effect without the liner. I placed emphasis on the lower lash line with a white liner from BYS. I finished it with a matte overall beautifying mascara which I super love called the Lash King.
 The brows I also finished with a matte color but lighter than my eye hues.
 Below is my eyes with a fine  natural-looking lashes from BYS making the look more dramatic as I am ;)
The base is achieved through non-illuminating products - I used MAC for my foundation with no trace of shine - though quite drying.
Since I have big cheeks, I always contour my face but I make sure that I use matte because bronzers or shimmery contour powders wont achieve that and would just defeat the purpose. I use a very natural-looking one from Laura Mercier which I'll review soon. This is to avoid the super-punched look that too strong powders give.

Lastly, to make sure that you maintain it, put a translucent powder, preferably a matte one or if not, don't forget to swipe the oil with oil control sheets.
Matte formulas tend to be drying so don't forget gel creams that give a non-oily finish and please remove makeup and moisturize after ;)

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