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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Having a perfect brow, the kind that would elicit a WOW, is usually a hard but transformative task. And it is because I believe that the brows can make or change the overall look and shape of the face. They say that celebrities achieve a signature "artista look" with perfect brows and I believe as well because especially when on camera or video, the face needs to be contoured.

Now, as mentioned in my review of my favorite brow cosmetic, I have thick brows and that makes it really hard for me. So for those girls who can relate, I have a specialized tutorial on that below. But I will also review 2 more Majolica Majorca brow products and a promotion that would teach us all how to achieve the perfect brows..
In line with this, I am a brow ambassador for Majolica and I'm so excited to share with you my brow journeys! I think that in the Philippines,the very famous thing that we use is an eyeliner but I hope that my review and tutorial can show you why we need customized tools for our brows.

Majolica Majorca WOW Brows Kit (Promo; Limited)
SRP: Brow & Lash Colorist and Brow Customize with Holder Bundle for only P899 (Sep 1-30) – ALL DOORS; WOW Brows! Kit for only P899 (Sep 26-Oct 2/ Oct 10-16/ Nov 21-27) – Animation Area FREE KIT, TWEEZER, & EYEBROWS GROOMING!
Availability: SM & Watsons Department Stores

Based on a regular price, you can save P216 for the bundle during the Wow Brows animation ! The colorist is worth PHP 595  while the Brow Customize and holder is worth 225 + 296. The animation area will be at SM North Edsa : Sept 26-Oct 2; SM Makati : Oct 10-16; SM Megamall : Nov 21-27. Here you can avail of the Wow Brows Kit but also get free eyebrow grooming upon purchase, and when you snap a photo and upload online, you can get the chance to win 10,000 worth of Majolica products!
Now, aside from the colorist that I have been consistently using in this blog, I will introduce the Brow Customize and the Brow Colorist in another color. Then I will use all three in the tutorial below
The Vanilla Brown color of the brow colorist is just perfect for ash colored hair, for people who have thick brows and want to make it more subtle, and for those who love smokey eyes. Below is a swatch, and again, as mentioned in my review of this product, this is my go-to product when it comes to coloring my brows.
Swatch of  Majolica Majorca Brow & Lash Colorist in Vanilla Brown - 2 coats, with flash
Now I'll let you meet a new product called Brow Customize which I'll be using in shaping my brows in the tutorial below. Unlike eyeliners which are pointed, this one is customized to shape and fill the brows according to Majolica. While eyeliners can be shaved to make it appear like slanted to make it less controlled for better shaping and filling-in, it really depends of the content of the pencil. If it is too strong, your eyebrows will appear too thick, dark and fake.

Nonetheless, this is an eyebrow pencil (cartridge) with a slant-cut, oval lead that lets you draw thick or thin natural brows just the way you want. It conveniently helps draw smooth lines in creating the perfect pair of eyebrows and provides long-lasting color. The holder includes a spiral eyebrow brush is included to let you create a detailed eyebrow type. Comes in three shades: BR660 – Black to Dark Brown BR771 – Ash Brown BR782 – Light Brown to Blonde and I love that it has good staying power.
Majolica Majorca Brow Customize
Now, my Signature Brow TUTORIAL!!
Step by Step Tutorial on how to shape and fill eye brows with Majolica Majorca
Step 1: Groom your brows by tweezing stray hairs. Remember not to overpluck! Always follow your brow’s natural shape. I used a benefit tweezer here which is also good but Majolica will be giving away theirs when you purchase the WOW Brows Kit.

Step 2: Cut excess hair to make sure that the tail would look thin and precise.

Step 3: Know where to start. Follow the diagram to see where drawing your brows should begin and end.

Step 4: Using Majolica Majorca Brow Customize, begin drawing a line on the edge of your brows, following the shape. Your starting point should be ¼ from the inner eye corner. Eyebrows should go from light to dark, and space should be left where you can blend towards the starting point.

4) After you have drawn the outer shape, begin shading your eyebrows on the inside. Then blend towards your inner eye corner using an eyebrow brush for a natural effect.
5) Finish off by applying Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist by brushing lightly over your lashes in the direction of hair growth.As for me, I use both colors of the colorist, with the lighter one in the inner part.

What do you think of my signature brows c/o Majolica Majorca? I now challenge you to show me your WOW brows and get the chance to WIN the brow set from me below!
Below are the guides and the mechanics:
How to win?

1. Liking/Following Mikki on Facebook and Twitter (@mikkigalang)

2. Subscribing to this blog via Google Connect (see side bar) - you can do this if you have twitter, hotmail, gmail or yahoo, etc

3. Following me on Instagram (@mikkigalang)
4. Following me on NuffnangXYou can download it via Google Play or iTunes store, or you can simply access it via your web browser and visit It's for free and easy because you can sign in with your FB account. Search for
5.  Follow Majolica Majorca on FB and Twitter & Instagram (@MAJOLICAPH)
6. Posting a selfie on Instagram showcasing your brows. Tag @mikkigalang @majolicaph and caption "I have WOW Brows! I want to WIN a brow set from @mikkigalang and 10,000 worth of product to perfect my eye browss! Visit"
7. Comment here with the link to your entry so I can monitor
*Most creative winner will be chosen by OCT 16, 2013

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  1. fresh na fresh na fresh ka dito mikki!! go!!! ganda!

  2. do you have a video on how to put on the colorist? i always end up with unevenly colored brows with some of it even on my skin:( and for prep, i need to put on liquid concealer and powder first? thanks!

  3. Great tutorial. I will stay tune on the giveaway! #excited

  4. Hi Ms. Mikka! Here's my entry for the giveaway.
    I hope I win! :)

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  11. Hi Ms. Mikki! Here's my wow brows selfie on my IG account :) Hope you'll like it.

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    Hi Mikki. :) Here's my entry.

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    Here's my entry :)
    Godbless everyone! <3

  15. Thanks ladies for all your beautiful entries. Stay tuned for more for my birthday celeb!

    As for now, congrats to Allyzonmae! Please email on how you can claim your prize ;)

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