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Monday, August 13, 2012

An evening of beautiful people, luxurious scents, precious oils and beautiful hair. Kérastase, the number 1 luxury professional hair care brand, welcomed members of the press, bloggers and salon VIPs to the launch of the most exquisite scented oils for divine hair, the Elixir Ultime Grands Crus.

Fellow beauty bloggers! I was so late but I was happy to experience this product still! Shared my review in my other entry ;)
Event was held at the beautiful R Space!
Very luxurious displays! I wanna put everything on my hair haha
Cute samples we tried!
Business Unit Manager Glowie Ramillo-Robillo talking more about the exquisite scented oils! As always, I love Glowie's hair! She's a model of her brand ;)
They also introduce Kerastase's ambassadors reflecting the different personalities of the Grands Crus oils. See more below!
Summit team testing the oils!
Lovely people from the press!
The evening’s highlight was supplemented by the delicious food... 
served by Madeleine’s Chef Farrah Tolentino.
..and soulful jazz music by Saxophonist Vince Lahora. 
 The Kerastase team in color. Thanks for always coming up with revolutionary products!!
Now, I'm so excited to review and giveaway some of these oils so you can also try and achieve that divine hair! As for now, what Grands Crus would you need for your hair? =) The Kerastase ambassadors' profiles and hair types might help us answer that!
Since then, Joyce has been a big supporter of the product, and of the brand, boasting that from the time she had started using Elixir Ultime, she had never had a bad hair day. Joyce is our Classic Jeweler.
Grand Cru Millenium Rose best fits the lifestyle of the Successful Entrepreneur behind brands like Big Chill, TWG Tea, and School of Fashion and Arts. This respected lady builds brands and continues her passion of discovering new business ventures without foregoing a healthy family life. Cheese Ledesma-Ong is indeed a Grand Cru woman – rare and inspiring to many others out there.
True to any woman is the importance of her family. And this is where Grand Cru Imperial Tea’s Juana Manahan-Yupangco is able to prove that despite a busy schedule, family comes first. The variant that maximizes the beauty of coloured hair with a little hint of floral and fruitiness, Grand Cru Imperial Tea best complements Juana’s colourful life. With her two children, the Glamorous Mother, aside from maintaining a great family, is also able to manage staying radiant.
A young and outspoken lady, ready to delve into anything new, Cai Subijano, is our Vivacious Beauty Queen. Not just a pretty face, Cai has ventured into doing different things such as public relations, writing and even acting. Grand Cru Immortal Moringa, full of replenishing vitamins and minerals, keeps up with this adventurous lifestyle. Despite trying this and that, Cai is able to maintain the beauty of her tresses with this secret weapon.

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