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L'Oreal Paris Miss Candy Nutrishine

With its yummy appeal, I tried to test it immediately. Can't help it. haha Below are my thoughts!

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Nutrishine Miss Candy Lipsticks (Limited Edition)
SRP: PHP 675.00
Availability: Leading Department Stores, Supermarkets and Watsons

(+) Scent is true to its label! My favorite is orange and they're all so yummy!
(+) Color is true to the label also. Despite the glossy effect, the colors can be very well seen even for the pastel pink colors (which is hard to achieve in a very glossy formulation)
(+) Shine quality is high. Light reflects very well and this even covered my cracks and dry lips as you can see below.
(+) Moisture and feel is very much like a lip balm + lip gloss
(+) Texture is very glossy and wet - with the candy effect.
(+) Packaging is really my favorite for this L'Oreal Paris variant. There's a mirror in the product and this makes it very easy to retouch.

(-) Lighter colors are not recommended for dry/cracked lips which I have as seen below because the color wont be distributed evenly and it won't cover the uneven lips.Nonetheless, since it has ingredients that repair and moisturize, this can be used for daily use.
Great color, texture and shine especially for the brighter ones.
I seriously need to repair my lips! I also didnt remove the excess foundation so I can see the intensity of the color
Miss Raspberry variant. Clearly, color is very rich and together with the shine component,  dry lips were transformed to this!
Miss Marshmallow. Bthis nude pink color is love but since I have dry lips,  it was not so flattering. Nonetheless, let me know if you have tried this on a healthy lips! =)
Miss Strawberry is nicer! I really love the baby pink color!
Now Miss Orange is my favorite! The intense color, scent, shine and the ability to transform my dry lips made me WOW! I will be using this more often ;)
True to its color!
Overall, I recommend this product!! I love everything about it and if you are a fan of ultra-shiny, scented and cute-colored lippies, like me, this is perfect for you. I never saw lipstick-lipgloss-lipbalm-in-one that's highly pigmented, shimmering and has a candy-texture or candy effect ;)

What do you think  about this new product?


  1. The orange shade really does look good on your lips. Would love to give this a try soon :)

  2. I like miss strawberry and the raspberry one!

  3. I dig the Miss Raspberry and Miss Orange! :)