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Kerastase Grands Crus

Since my hair is not yet colored yet but I've been wanting to dye it badly, I tested this intriguing product on my sister's newly colored hair when she got home at work! See results below!

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus Oil (Imperial Tea)
SRP : PHP 2280
Availability : To avail of Elixir Ultime, visit your nearest Kérastase salon. For more information, visit the official Kérastase website at or call the Kérastase hotline, (02) 672-7200.

Kerastase promised us exquisite scented oils for divine hair as detailed here, but now let's see!

(+) Scent is very true to its promise and is very floral as seen in my mood board! As per Kerastase the scent inspiration is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

(-) Although they said they were fruity notes, I think it has more warm ones. Though I also like it!
Kerastase Grands Crus Mood Board

Pink shirt
$9.54 -

Cacharel a line skirt

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Sia Rose Bouquet
$135 -

A 19th C Slipper Chair in Floral Chintz, circa 1870s-1880s at 1stdibs

(+) Easy to use and safe packaging. It's a pump bottle but it can be locked when you rotate the head. I like because I don't want caps when dealing with oils - it spills in my bag! haha

(+) Weight and feel is very light! As seen in the below picture, oil is like water and moves down easily. and i like this because it doesn't weigh down the hair (meaning it still looks bouncy and all) and thus not making hair sticky and hard through time (according to my sister)
(+) Texture is rich though! In fact as you can see in the below picture, after applying, it made hair look fixed with less split ends and unruly hair.
(+) Radiance and ability to reflect light is excellent! Please see below before and after picture of my sister's hair after using this product.
Before. We shot this after work, around 6:30 pm. Light isn't that much reflected and hair is unruly in the ends.
After JUST combing hair and applying Kerastase Grands Crus Oil Imperial Tea, hair reflects more light (see the white part) and radiance and made hair fixed and shiny.

 (+) Protects color-treated hair. Oils do protect the hair fibre generallt but will have to verify this with her using the Kerastase Chroma-Captive shampoo and mask for 30 days.

Magical indeed! Overall, I would recommend this product to women who have colored hair and to super busy people who don't have time to fix hair.

What do you think of the new Kerastase Grands Crus Oil?


  1. I love Kerastase products too. :)
    Hope to try it when I get to dye my hair too. :)


  2. Wow! It looks definitely good on your hair!! Might I say, it's great! ;))