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Maybelline The Jewels

I've been using these products for weeks already and here are my thoughts on this limited edition lipsticks by Maybelline Color Sensational for the Holiday Season!
Maybelline Color Sensational The Jewels *Limited Edition
SRP: PHP 399
Availability: Leading Department Stores, Watsons

According to Maybelline as I featured here, "these lippies have the perfect balance of dark glamour .and brilliant edginess. There's ILLUMINATED COLOR from deepjewelucent pigments and  CREAMIER FEEL from nourishinghoney nectar." Let's see!

(+) Packaging is so nice! The cap reflects these colorful and shiny lines!
(+) Bold, shiny and creamy indeed! I got the darker and purple colors
(+) Red Wine has a deep red-plum color that's so nice!
(+) Amethyst Ablaze has a dimesional look where a more purple pigment can be seen on top. Very luxurious! This is my favorite!

(+) scent is nice! smells like honey or sugar without the wax scent
(+) 6 various and unique colors that can be used this Holiday

(-) because of the creamy feel with a good level of shine, the color might not last for a long time as you can see in the picture but it leaves a tint of red/purple that you just retouch after x number of hours
(-) consistency is average if you are looking for a one dimensional color but especially for Amethyst Ablaze, I really love that it gives 2 hues, like there's purple glitters on top of the lips

Overall, I love, recommend and will repurchase these lippies! Very inexpensive yet luxurious and unique!!! And to those who want to celebrate the Holiday, you can make that even better with these colors ;)


  1. At first glance, these lippies looks like they're unwearable but your lips definitely look gorgeous on 'em :)

  2. I don't think I can pull off these lippies but they really look great! :D