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Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Nail Polish

I pasted all the stickers that came with this limited edition Nail Polish in my NOTD but now, would like to actually review this nail color! This will be a first here in my blog! ;)
Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Nail Color
SRP : PHP 1000
Availability : Shu Uemura Trinoma, Powerplant,

I will be reviewing in detail the Shu Shu Red polish from the Karl Lagerfeld collection which is more matte compared to the

(+) I love the iconic Mon Shu girl red it gives - bright, sort of orangey and really noticeable. And it's limited edition! I think this kind of red is very unique to this collection.
(+) I also love that it's matte! I love reds when they don't have glitters on it
(+) Of course, the cute stickers with Mon Shu girl prints were awesome!
(+) The polish is semi-glossy which can compliment lip colors that are matte ;)
(+) Consistency is really nice. 1 coat will do!
(-) Since it's a bit creamy, it tends to slightly chip-off on the edges but when placed with a top coat, you're good to go!

Overall, I recommend this product despite the price because it's unique in terms of color and concept, and the color consistency is good! I'm planning to buy the Karl black which has super micro-glitters in silver. wahhhh this is addicting.


  1. Love how bloody red it looks! The stickers! I want~ :)
    Happy weekend MikkI! :)