Every year, I go to Boracay to celebrate Summer. I think it's the best time of the year to, of course, go to the beach, wear bright colors and just soak yourself under the sun. And maybe stare at beautiful people and things. 

We need more time to clean and fix this part of Boracay though.
We stayed at Astoria Boracay. I specifically loved their benches which had a very Filipino feel. And its sexy-basket-like design just makes everyone "fit" and effortlessly, well, "Belo-made" ;)
I also liked the room. The blue-green hue just makes me want to wear all my colorful outfits, like my mom, but not my brother Gio! haha
More than aesthetics, I loved the GMA artists who stayed in there for the Kapuso Week! ;) My mom just couldn't hide it; she went swimming with Geoff Eigenmann and Dingdong Dantes. Lakas! Belated Happy Mother's Day, Ma! Yes, you're a mom!
I actually just stayed in here for 2 days because I had a full body wax from the Victor Ortega salon near Astoria, and my skin was quite red and patchy. I was too busy with work so I had my skin done on my 1st day. But I didn't let this keep me on staycation. I used NIVEA Moisturizing After Sun Spray, as I desperately needed the Aloe Vera component to soothe my skin. I also used NIVEA Pure & Sensitive with SPF 50 to still protect my skin from the hidden sun rays hitting our skin despite indoors. As you can see in the picture, my legs were smooth and flawless! Beach-ready on the third day!
Speaking of NIVEA, have you heard of the NIVEA ball? Trivia: "Before the beach ball, there was the NIVEA ball. And it took the world by storm. Originally created in the 1930s as a 3D version of the NIVEA Creme tin, the inflatable NIVEA Ball was designed to help people make the most of their leisure time outdoor. While it was initially popular in Germany, the NIVEA Ball really took off in the 1950s, when post-war prosperity gave people money to spend on holidays and having fun. As cars became increasingly affordable, people began flocking to beaches and the great outdoors – and the NIVEA ball became the perfect holiday accessory. It was easy to pack and even easier to inflate. And it was fun for the whole family. By the 1960s, the NIVEA ball had become a huge hit, and it remains popular to this day. We’ve produced more than 20 million balls over the last 40 years alone, and people around the world know it and love it. And just like our skincare products, the NIVEA ball brings us closer to the people we love. That’s why this simple, inflatable rubber toy has been one of our most active and understated brand ambassadors for decades."(
This really became my ultimate toy during my leisure time outdoor! I also visited the Sun Village (where I stayed last year) and ate my favorite Mongolian dish! Below were some photos I found from my computer, unpublished ;) 
NIVEA just creates great booths in Boracay, don't you think? Have you visited theirs last month?
They also have a great application that lets you create a Summer Scrap Book! You can put background, objects, photos, etc to document your summer experience. Below was mine =)
Obviously, I loved being alone and just doing nothing in the afternoon. Sometimes it takes a different place, with the perfect view of the sun, sky and water, and a sunny disposition to be able to reflect on things. ;)
But of course, I didn't let clubbing pass! I went to Epic but Summer Place was my favorite. It's not too luxurious but the music was better and I loved the local beach feel. There were more foreigners there than any of the clubs in Boracay. Maybe they're too tired of the luxe bars in their countries already? 
So here's Me and my sister Mikka in our floral tops and pink lips. People were saying I looked like Barbie. But I also got Lady "gow-gow" and Goldilocks hahah I didn't mind, they're all pretty! ;)
See the guy in the stolen photo below. I wasn't able to focus properly on him but I he was so cute, but all alone! We were to shy to approach but in my head, I wished I could go to an island all alone, party by myself and just stop and stare, like him ;)

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