Metallic Spikes

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Because being feminine doesn't mean being weak! With these spikes, and my metallic eye, hand and chest armor, the queen is just ready to fight! #teehee

Anyway, it's my first time to tie my hair for a picture, and to wear spikes in all aspects. I always wear something shimmery and glittery but this time, I'm just ready to fight, for all the things that matter to me ;) So here's my look for today!
Eye Color: Bronze from L.A Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in Shimmering Bronze; Blue from Maybelline Lumieyes
Eyebrow: Used the L.A Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil too
Mascara: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes
Lips Color: Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in Angelic
Lip Gloss: Estee Lauder  in Pink Innocence

I'm really loving my new accessories too from Excellane! These are just very unique and deadly ;)
At any rate, as you can see below, focus is the eyes with metallic finish in all aspects and with well-defined shape like a spike.
 Even in the inner upper corner, it is still pointed!
The look was really made possible through this creamy, very metallic and rich L.A. Jumbo Eye Pencil in Shimmering Bronze that I used in my eyes (and even in my thick eyebrows which proves its coverage). The pencile really helped in creating spikes and a definite shape.
It's just inexpensive despite the unique and impressive color. It's just hard to remove. That's it =)
 With its very creamy formulation, it's just hard to mix with a powder formula so make sure you wet it and blend very well. I used a blue color to add accent to the eyes in the upper and lower area
Did you like it? ;) Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Mikki! Just saw this! You know, feel ko mas bagay sayo silky smooth straight hair :D


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