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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I started doing makeup when i was 13. Internet was not so informative back then so I just used to copy the looks of women in the magazines and learned my own tricks along the away. For 7 years, I owe everything to trial and error, and everyday application of makeup to myself and my friends hoping that it could give me more confidence in myself, and express it better. It was only until 5 years ago that I started attending seminars, workshops and received some kind of training.

Makeup application indeed takes time. It requires knowledge of the tools of the trade, theories of makeup, color, light, some science and art, constant updating of skills but most especially, PRACTICE. I know personally that blogs can really contribute a lot, but nothing beats on-ground training and sharing of experiences from people who have used their hands to perfect makeup for years. As for me, I am actually still attending a lot of seminars held by brands and artists hoping that I can go beyond what i know.

So with the hopes that I can also get to know you better, I am holding my first own makeup workshop!!! I have done some before but mostly I spoke for brands, but now I wanna make it my way: I wanna share what I personally know, what worked for me as a makeup addict, but most importantly, how I go beyond the basics. Below are the details of my workshop, I have received tens of reservations already, and I would like to invite you to join still as well. Register at

I have 5 topics, you can see here 3 of these: Color Theory, Optical Makeup and Perfect Basics.

I wanted to start with the below because that's where you can only go beyond and play with colors, makeup that work well with light, and a lot more. I am though expecting that you have been using makeup (even basic) for this seminar (I am planning on having personal/basic workshops soon as well!)

The workshop will be held at Studio SNR with the images and map below. I knew about this place during my beshie Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee's first meet and greet where I was her guest/assistant/supporter/fan. It's a very professional place for beauty workshops as it has good lighting, materials and support, but also for events as it's so clean and nice in terms of design.
Studio SNR

In this event, I would like you to learn and practice (I will try to balance both in the program) but also to have fun and meet new people who have the same interests as us. So to make it more refreshing and sweet, two of my favorites in their industry will be sponsoring us with treats.

Awesome Cobo's newest Strawberry Cream line (review soon!).  I'm so excited to taste more of their Bubble Burst Teas which will be given to all of you!
One of the cutest and artistic brand of cupcakes and sweets catering service, Baker Street, will give us a snack buffet during the workshop!
Also, to help us with more makeup materials and resources, 3 makeup brands will be there! They will also be giving away prizes and a lot of samples and starter products that you can see below.

Everyone will receive a 5-minuted touch up kit by one of my favorite Professional solutions brand, Nippon! Each one's valued at PHP 250 ;)
Also you will get each (or more) of one of the best primers, Base Magique by L'Oreal Paris. Regular size of the product is 15ml so these 5ml's are definitely to go for!  I will do a review soon of this!
More skin care samples by L'Oreal, including a sample of size of the most popular product here in my blog, Lucent Magique.
Some items that we will raffle off!
PAC Cosmetics' sister brand which has great whitening products, Godiva Skin care for giveaways too!
Hope to see you all there! I'm actually quite nervous when speaking to a number of people but I know that this will be good. See you all this weekend because after this I will be at the Bazaar for All Season naman! ;)

Oh, almost forgot, I will be giving away something for both my participants and girls who can't attend my workshop. You can win the a set from the sponsors through the mechanics below.
1. Liking/Following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@mikkigalang)

2. Subscribing to this blog via Google Connect (see side bar) - you can do this if you have twitter, hotmail, gmail or yahoo, etc

3.  Follow the participating brands on FB (links on my side bar) and on Twitter & Instagram (accounts below)! Let's thank them for making this happen for us too!
      -  @LOrealParisPH, @LOrealProPH, @PAC_PH, @Awesome_COBO, @StudioSNR, 
         @NipponPH, @BakerStreetPH
4. Posting on your FB, Twitter or Instagram a photo of my poster with the answer to question why you wanna attend this seminarm, tag me @mikkigalang and end with "Visit"
5. Comment here with your links

Will determine creative winner by AUG 31, 2013. Open to Metro Manila residents only

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  1. Oh how sad,I wanna join but Im from Cavite.Gusto ko tlga matuto maglagay ng kolorete sa mukha,hihi.

  2. Sayang naman! I'll do more in the future dont worry hehe. For now, you might wanna join the giveaway! hehe

    1. Hi Mikki! I really want to attend, seeing your FOTDs, I love the way you apply makeup, exactly how I want to do with my look but I have work that day till 3pm :(( I hope you can do more soon, like somewhere in Makati, yun lang kasi mejo alam kong puntahan pag events. Sana maka-attend talaga ako sa mga susunod pa. More power to you and your blog. <3

  3. Hi Ms. Mikki I'm your new follower & im starting love you & your blog..
    I really love reading make-up reviews! I really admire you.. how i wish i can attend your workshop! Anyways thank for this giveaway :)

    GFC Name: Stephanie Lee
    Twitter: @yabs20
    IG: @stephyabs

  4. Wooooow~ I wanna join. erm erm. kaso its a saturday. wah... can i, can i, can i join? I'll try to go. wee.. goodluck!

  5. Hi Mikki!

    I'm so excited to meet and learn a lot from you. You will definitely help me in attaining my goal to impart as much knowledge as I can to all the ladies I can reach!

    Here's my link:

  6. I really like to join this but.... =(
    I will wait for your basics/personal workshop, i'll clear my schedule for that!

  7. Hi Ms. Mikki!

    Name: Riva Shane Bunagan
    FB: Riva Shane Bunagan
    Twitter: @rivashane
    Instagram: @rivashane

    FB Link:

    Twitter Link:

    1. Congrats Riva and thanks ladies for all your entries! Can u claim your prize at bazaar for all season centris? :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Ms. Mikki! A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!!! Sure I can go there po, but I'm from the south, may I know how to go there? If I ride MRT, san po ako baba? Hehehe I'm sorry for the hassle :)

  8. Yay :) I'm so eager to learn your makeup tricks :D

    FB name: Mirzi Sarte
    Twitter: @mizichic
    Instagram: mizichic
    FB post:


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