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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whether it's the newest iPad or the latest android phone to hit the market, people are always eager to upgrade their favorite products. The same can be said in the fashion realm—who doesn't appreciate a great improvement on a beloved piece? With a little help from The SuperSale Bazaar team, the organizers have rounded up over 200 local and imported brands to elevate a slew of styles you already adore and create totally fresh looks.

May is one of those transitional seasons where in most of us have no clue on what the weather will bring and what to wear. This is the time of the year in the metro wherein we look to our icons and the tastemakers in the fashion industry to guide us so we can easily glide through this month. Unlike countries that have four seasons, May is like the thorn between the super sunny hot and rainy June. Going out can be such a chore, as you don’t know if you should wear a light breezy summer dress or gear up for the wet weather.


But more than that, bazaars open the possibility of fashion exchanges or actual material exchanges (if you are selling too haha) which work for people who are experimental with their style. It's not like a tiangge where you buy and that's it, because these superb bazaars, for me, are events where you get to interact with friends, people that could give opinion on your style, etc. Last year, I really enjoyed my Bloggers United experiences, one in Il Terrazzo and Bazaar for All Seasons where I bonded with my blogger friends, old and new, my readers and bought pieces that upgraded my cabinet!
Mich, Ana, Kelly and Aisa wearing ANAGON!
Couple blogger Dani and Mikyle!
ANAGON. I'm buying that floral crown this Super Sale!
Now, It is always refreshing to know that the team behind the longest running fashion bazaar in the metro, SuperSale, has created another SUPERB- a 5-day long event this May 22-26, 2013, Wednesday-Sunday at The SMX Convention Center. Shoppers can expect up to 90% off sale on summer items and at the same time new collections and must-have pieces for the second half of the year. This was created last 2012 to celebrate Philippine fashion and the latest trends for the next season to be introduced to the fashion-obsessed making this event the 3rd under Superb’s belt.

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