Bobbi Brown Extreme Party

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Party make-up for me means big bold eyes - could be smokey, but not necessarily - thick, displayed hair and volume. So I got this mascara that's unique to a party setting and it was really interesting so let me review it ;)

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara
SRP: PHP 1550
Availability: Bobbi Brown counters in Rustan’s Makati(812-2507), Rustan’s Shangri-La (633-4636) and Essenses Rockwell (822-9400) 
Before applying the mascara
(+) Lashes became longer even in just 2 coats as seen below
(+) Volume was intense even after 2 layers - it was really thick
(+) Which means that the brush was very nice - full of tapered top so it reachers the corners
(+) Lashes are soft too despite the weight
Left with 2 coats, right with 3 coats (without using eye lash curler)
Before mascara
(+) No clumps though with a 3rd layer, it starts to form as seen below. However, unique formula remains pliable between coats, so lashes stay separated as volume builds (even for the third one)
(+) Slightly curls the lashes and holds it for long
(+) Long-lasting - stays for more than 5 hours based on experience
(+) Dries quickly so smudge-proof!!
Left with 2 coats, right with 3 coats
(-) Not Waterproof
(-) While it doesn't smudge, when you wash with soap and water, it leaves traces of the ink which was reasonable though because this mascara's pretty bold
(-) Pack size is small and a bit expensive
(-) Design of the mascara is plain

Overall, I love and recommend this mascara! It really left my lashes with a bold and party effect look with volume, length and curl. Despite the price and the size, I will still buy this for special party occasions wherein I'm not in the mood to use false eyelashes.

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  1. It looks good! :) though its pricey for a small size mascara, and may be it would be better if its waterproof. But then I think it does it job well, making lashes more beautiful.

    1. It's actually waterproof and hard to remove so it works for its price. Thanks Monica!


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