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Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Trio

The cold weather, sinulog festival and all the celebrations still make me want to look flawlessly festive! And I have always made it possible with this petite, portable palette of soft shimmering metallic from Laura Mercier - which houses the best metallics I've ever tried so far so let me share it with you!

Laura Mercier’s Petite Baked Eye Colour Trio – Wet/Dry [Golden Metallics]
SRP: PHP 1250
Availability: Limited Edition,  Rustan's Department Stores

(+) Three unique and trendy colors - from the picture above, lowest (Gold Leaf), then Black Karat then the upper most (Emerald) which is the color of 2013!!
(+) Good thing is you can use them all in one (for a smokey eye effect) but also to add accent to your other colors because it blends very well.

By just using palette in its "normal" self, you can see how:
(+) shimmery the pigments are!! It's really festive!!
(-) although the coverage when dry is average - which is sometimes OK for the soft look, the glitters are so much impressive - I can see 4 different colors of it - gold, 2 green's, white
*with flash
(+) Using emerald color for the base of the LOTD last week, you can see how it compliments other colors - this one's really perfect for browns, golds, etc
dry Emerald color
(+) Without flash, the shimmers were still intense and vestive indeed
*without flash
Now, using a flat eye brush - like this one from Lancome which is soft but not loose - and is dipped in water, softly get pigment in a circular manner from the palette.

(+) As you can see below, the middle part became so creamy (like a liquid metal) and it becomes richer with shimmer and pigments
(+) as per swatch below, there's a super metallic effect that I really like especially for the gold leaf and emerald green because of the condensed shimmer and glitters.
(+) coverage becomes very very good  - I can clearly see the colors unlike when dry
*without flash
(+) on my eyelids, you can see that a wet eyeshadow is perfect for well-defined and shaped eye makeup. I don't suggest this for smokey unless you'll only use one color as the base and top it off with other colors.
using Emerald Green
(+) level of shine is high
(+) it doesn't smudge; unlike when dry as you can see in the below picture (right side), there are glitters falling apart but the left one is wet and everything is in place
(+) I really love how the shimmer and pigments are multiplied to create this effect!!
*without flash
(+) Long-lasting. As you can see below after washing with soap and water, the main colors stay when wet and you're guaranteed that you dont have to retouch at all.
(+) the formulation is so nice that it immediately turns into powder right after wet application

(-) that it's just a limited edition! Emerald is the color of the year so I hope they make this permanent in Philippines!!

I really love and recommend and will purchase again this product! Either wet or dry, the pigments are so excellent they really are festive and magical! With the price, which is not that bad, I can use the trio, or use the mono's, at parties and events when I need to over-impress with my eyes.


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