A NARSissistic Experience

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I met Nars Cosmetics through my first eye palette and ever since, I adored its concentrated color and quality that express my individual style in makeup. The philosophy is iconoclastic: François NARS believes there are no rules when it comes to beauty. 

So when I heard that Nars International Makeyp stylist, Sadafumi Ito, I went to the makeup seminar in Rustan's because I know that I will be closer to the philosophies and ideals that Francois Nars bestowed on the company.
 The workshop which will happen again this Friday at Shangrila Mall, also launched the newest products of Nars for summer highlighting the Satin Lip Pencil. It's a free event and there are also products given away to the audience to try!!
 Lovely colors of Nars
Camwhoring in the counter. Wearing a red orange shade of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil which is soo good in coverage, consistency, color and lasting effect! I actually bought a MAC Lady Danger a day before and will show how they are different soon! ;)
Makeup Artists of NARS in Philippines
 The seminar is a demonstration of a NARS summer makeup. Sadafumi discussed skin care and how it's essential for gorgeous skin, and of course, colour cosmetic applications. He also used some of the best NARS products made ever which also proves his favorites!

Translucent powder. I got one during the day and I will share a review of this soon!
The all-in-one color stick that Nars is known for. I remember before I was afraid to use this because I might put too much and I'm not into creams but after the seminar, using a neutral and a pinkish color, that you can mix and blend very well to achieve a natural look on the cheeks, eyes and even lips!!
And of course the new Satin Lip Pencil in bold pink called "Yu"
Francesca Sy of Rustan's and model/PR of Rustant's, Mica
 So more of the lip color, This season, NARS dresses up lips in the new Satin Lip Pencil. "Drenchedin decadent moisture for an ultra creamy finish, thirteen statement shades smoulderwith rich pigments. Created by Founder & Creative Director François Nars,the Satin Lip Pencil combines the convenience of a pencil with the applicationof a lipstick in a jumbo-size crayon design."

Indeed, the pencil format allows for defined application but more than this, it's the color and texture that really catched my attention as you can see below shades that I liked!
Nars Satin Lip Pencil swatches

Swatch of my favorite color from the set which is a peach one called Lodhi
What's also interesting from this is that...
For the Satin Lip Pencil collection, François channeled his passion for travel andinterest in nature into the naming process. The thirteen signature shades are all named for parks and gardensaround the world, including some of the places that have inspired François in his life. From the vibrant hues of color collections to theinnovative packaging of products, the creativity and imagination of NARS Founder& Creative Director François Nars is reflected in every aspect of thebeauty brand. François continues to build the character and identity of the NARSline with the distinctive names of the products he creates.

Found in India, Lodhi(or Lodi) Gardens are a good place to reflect on the origins of Mughal gardendesign.! Very interesting right?

The afternoon ended with individual consultations, Q&A and giving away of products to the attendees. The workshop was a very insightful one in a way that I was able to discover more products and techniques fit for our individual expressions. I met new great Nars products with incredible colors and textures that I   
 Satin Lip Pencil is already available at Nars boutiques at Rustan's department stores. ;)

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