Moonlight Virgin

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hurry up, I'm dreaming! I’ll show you another me. At midnight, a moon melody is calling. A young girl is a multifaceted creature, always in pursuit of beauty. She greedily reaches out her hand, just for one night to obtain gentle, beautiful wings like a swan… Overwhelmed by the sparkly shimmer.
photo with creative filter
This month is all about dreams, and as I reach, craft and pursue them, I wanted it to be with beauty, a celestial one, full of sparkles, and rich with color. I am a Moonlight Virgin, just like Majolica's newest collection.
photo with creative filter
Here are the products used:
Eye Brow: Majolica Majorca Lash & Brow Colorist
Eye Shadow: Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book II (blue; upper) , Lancome Petit Tresor in Fil D' Argent (brown; upper) Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color in Gilded Platinum (white; upper); Lancome (gold;lower)
Eye Liner: PAC Cosmetics Liquid Liner (upper), BYS White Kohl Liner (lower)
False Lashes: Landmark
Lip Color: Guerlain Shine Automatique 200
Lip Gloss: Mac DazzlGlass in Rags to Riches
Cheek Color: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze

For the eyes, it's basically a mix of soft blue, beige and whites which provide a feminine look in the eyes - sparkly, shimmery, yet quite strong.

The blue is not too strong like the moon, but it's more of the reflection of the moon on the water and the finish is overall glossy, shimmering and quite watery from a far.
I didn't realize that gold and blue can mix very well!
Did you like it? What are you dreaming of lately?
photo without filter
Just make sure you use products with same texture - sparkly, glossy - from eyes to lips and face to make it whole, especially when using different colors.
At any rate, Below is such a favorite song from M83 which I always play whenever I sleep. They just put my dreams on.

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  1. The video / music kinda creepy >.< Would keep me awake instead of putting me to sleep I guess eeeek! >.<

    But the eye makeup is definitely lovely Mikki :)

    Happy weekend and happy fathers' day to all (^_~)v

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    1. Right? heheh Thanks CHai for visiting my blog always!!


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