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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Who said cosmetics and fragrances are just used to beautify things on the surface? For decades, they have been used therapeutically and functionally for a lot of purposes - ordinary lotions for example can prevent mosquito bites vs. no application; scented aromatic oils can greatly improve the body condition as well as an environment, and the list goes on.

Zen Zest Room Fragrances
SRP: PHP 250
Availability: Zen Zest branches nationwide

Specifically, the kitchen fragrance is my and my mom and dad's favorite. Why?
(+) It's very affordable at 250 ml. Ours is currently 3-months old.
(+) Stays for quite a long time. Whenever I spray it at our kitchen, you can still smell it after 3 hours. And the warm after-spray scent stays for days.
(+) I love the scent. The choco cappucino - a combination of mocha and creamy choco hazelnut -  which smells like doughnut (imagine Krispy Kreme and a vanilla coffee) cancels out any strong odor in the kitchen or even at rooms.

Overall, we love it at our house and I definitely recommend to moms or house managers out there! Especially if you're into warm scents, and your nose is as OC as mine, then this is a must! ;) Because of the Kitchen fragrance's performance, I'm planning to buy the other 3 as you can see below. Zen Zest also has a promo on their FB giving away these so don't forget to join. It's worth it.

What would you need?

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