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Maybelline EyeStudio 36H Lasting Drama Gel Liner

A full eye make-up (with eyeshadows, glitters ,etc) needs a good liner - one with intense staying color that will not mix with the other pigments. Now, an eye makeup that only uses a liner (simple example is a plan cat eyes) needs to be good also - one that won't smudge or give an eyeshadow effect, and will stay for a long time with a precise definition.

Let's see if this one from Maybelline -  a gel liner - which works perfectly for dry skin types, but also with oily skin types, IF it has good staying power. I have oily skin so let's test it!

Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 36H in Brown
SRP: 499
Availaibility: Leading Department Stores nationwide

(+) Coverage is full with intense color
(+) Semi-Matte finish with some glitters which makes it middle ground between a glossy liquid liner and a matte kohl/pencil liner
(+) "gel" like because it glides smoothly making a line without a crease, but not really gel in the sense that it will produce that kind of effect.
(+) creamy but dries quickly after application
 (+) the brush allows lines to be drawn from fine to thick. see how I was able to create a tip!
(+) Below is a picture of the line while it was wet, I smudged it using my nails and the main line still was covered with the product.
After scratching with nails, with 1 coat.
(+) then i tested on water, and smudged it but it stayed the same!!
 (+) On a thicker swatch that was already dry, I smudged it heavily using my fingers and it was still there with a thick coverage!!!! very nice!!
Another swatch, before smudging, with 2 coats
After smudging and scratching, product stayed.
On my eyes,
(+) clearly, the cat eyes can be seen with definition and precision.
 (+) despite a glittery and thick shadow, the product stayed with its color, intensity and coverage
(+) perfect for cat eyes with or without shadows!
(+) I tested it for 24 hours and it indeed stayed without smudging and ruining the cat eye effect. It kinda leaves a stain that can't be removed by smudging eyes or touching it.
(+) water-proof and resists to sweat, tears, sebum and water so it's also perfect for oily skin like me!

(-) quite hard to remove. use a oil-based make up remover.
(-) jar and brush may be hard to bring to parties, but it stays for more than 8 hours. I bet wouldn't party for more than that ;)

It passed with flying colors!! Overall, I recommend this for everyone because it worked even on my oily eyelids!! I'm so excited to try and use the black one and for sure, I will repurchase because of its affordable price and the qualities I'm looking for an eyeliner! I will use this for semi-matte eye makeup applications, or maybe even to replace my liquid eyeliner which doesn't stay on my lids because of the oil.


  1. Really good review! Your skin got all read from the scratching and rubbing, what devotion you have, and for that, your readers thank you :D Beautiful cat eye, by the way.

    1. Aww, I'm so touched Maita! Im so impressed by the product and I wanted to really share it in detail so you girls can also seee! mwah!

  2. Amazing! It didn't budge at all even with all that water and rubbing. I love the cat eyes effect you did, so nice! :)

    1. Thanks Helen! 'Di ba? I was really impressed to be honest. Didn't expect it at first

  3. I want to try this because according to some reviews it dries quickly! XD
    ~Pauline @ Kallony