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Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick

My first encounter with a Shu lipstick was one of the most luxurious one yet, and I'll share with one more!

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited 170
SRP: P1195
Availability: Shu Uemura Trinoma, Powerplant,

(+) can you see how unique the red is? It's super bright with tones of pink
(+) intense color with coverage that's not too thick but rich
(+) consistency is above average
(+) it even covered my dry cracked lips!
(+) scent is super nice - fruity
(+) made in Japan, as with any Shu lipstick which makes sure that quality is great
(+) modern casing is very glam and nice to use
(+) lasts for a long time, despite a glossy finish, because it stains the lips very nicely

(-) a bit expensive
(-) round tip so for precision, use a lip brush

But overall, I recommend and I'm planning to buy more RU lipsticks because of this. As always, color is very modern and extraordinary with hardworking qualities. Although expensive, it's worth it and I've been using this for a few months, only consuming little of the product.


  1. wow! i love the shade! a unique one indeed ^_^ thanks for sharing! love your posts btw :)

    1. Right? Thanks Liz and good luck on your blog too!!