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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If you are the type who would swear by rebond, or temporarily through iron and heat to make hair smooth, straight and manageable instantly, then frizzy, dry and rough hair (the back side of it) is already over, I believe. But more importantly, unlike Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatments with Formaldehyde, L'Oreal's newest tool, products and services couldn't compromise our health (and the salon workers!) because there's it's free from chemicals that become very harsh when activated through heat. Let's see more from the information below!

For the first time, 2 world class brands combine their expertise to create a revolutionary tool: Steampod. Result of a collaborative partnership between L’Oréal Professionnel and Rowenta, Steampod’s "flawless technology and associated care products guarantee never-before-seen results that could spark a new hair revolution." I've already seen it and I will blog about it in a few minutes but I just would like to share these information as per L'Oreal.

As you can see in the below picture (and I'll show you more because the ad is not lying!) ,  texture and movement to the hair is also revolutionary! Hair is just "repaired, nourished, smoothened with brilliant shine and long-lasting results"
Aside from texture, the revolution talks about health. L’Oréal even demonstrated to show the “thermal shock effect” of normal iron versus SteamPod by pressing iron onto cloth for 3 minutes.  It showed that iron produces a “burnt” effect while SteamPod doesn’t which then prevents hair cuticle damage. And in understanding why Steam is crucial to this, let's see how steam works:
"- Gently opens up the cuticle delivering the treatment into the core
- Gradually heats the hair preventing heat shock to prevent cuticle damage
- Smooths down the cuticle sealing the ends for a flawless finish"
Steam is also central to Steampod hair care products. Used with the tool, the formulas are steam activated: the steam, acting like a vehicle, carries along the active ingredients and makes them penetrate into hair fibres.

Now, most importantly, the products!! alongside this tool, L'Oreal also launched a Pro-Keratin Technology (unlike other Keratin that's animal protein, Pro-Keratin is vegetable-based) that works well with the tool and delivers maximum health.  "Its steam-activated smoothing and repairing creams contain Pro-Keratin that reconstructs and strengthens hair. But most importantly, it is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE – no carcinogen gas that could be formed from ingredients activated through heat." It's really revolutionary because while most Brazilian blowout treatments or even Keratin ones have below .02% Formaldehyde (which is the accepted percentage), Pro-Keratin is really free of this chemical and even if it has (theoretically), it won't be harsh or cancerous (FDA listed some effects from exposure) because it CAN'T be activated by steam. See Yahoo's list of harshful chemicals that can be activated by HEAT.
The results? "Long lasting straight, strengthened hair with a mirror shine!" And of course, the safety and healthy of everyone! These products can be used at home to sustain hair that looks "shiny, nourished and protected after straightening. Mythic Oil is also be used for finishing touches during blow-dry, after any of the Steam Pod services. This can also be used at home to maintain smoothness, shine and suppleness. 

The power of this technology is used in the X-tenso Care products used for Keratin Steam Bond & Keratin Steam Care services which are available first at Bench Fix Salon:
1.      Keratin Steam Bond Service – the "first steam smoothing service with the ultimate
repair of Pro-Keratin found in X-TENSO CARE. There are 2 choices depending on the
permanent look you want to achieve" Natural straight looks amazing!
• Ultimate Straight Smoothing – straight and silky look until the ends of the hair
• Natural Straight Smoothing – straight and shiny with more natural movement"
 SRP – Keratin Steam Bond (Long): PHP 7500; (Short): PHP 6000
Below is the procedure and products used for rebonding with steam.
2.      Keratin Steam Care Service gives an "anti-frizz smoothing effect that can last up to 3 days, if used for normal to slightly sensitive hair. But with continuous use with X-tenso Care, hair fibre is reconstructed from the inside to the outside, preventing it from breakage and dryness."  SRP – Keratin Steam Care (Long): PHP 2500; (Short): PHP 1500 
·        Below is the procedure and products used for treatment with steam.

I know some of you already saw the results of steam care and steam bond in a lot of beauty blogs and hope you can try it too for yourself. Nonetheless, I will share more information about this with my steam-styled hair this week! ;)

Source: Press Release
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