The Pressure of a Valentine's Day

If only I can skip February and proceed to March or April, where there's no red hearts, only sun, I would definitely time-travel. Because even for people like me, a certain level of success or beauty is also measured through men: the number of cute boys who ask you for a date (romantic or business-related), the loyalty of a guy who can stay with you despite your identity (like Poy, a famous and successful one who has a Sports star boyfriend and is loved by thousands of men), or those who are "just amazed" by how different you are. I remembered being asked last week after acing a business report: "Why don't you have a boyfriend? Are you dating? You are a dyosa!" I can eat pressure for Valentine's Day, really.

Don't get me wrong because I have nothing against love, or Valentine's or marriage, and I love men, in as much as I love girls and kinds of it, inside or out, trans or effem, but really, I'm too tired of thinking about something that I can work on with my 100%, and push myself for it, without thinking of myself, of a mutual give-and-take. But also, I know I can find someone out there, in the West probably, although I know deep in my heart and mind that I shouldn't be the only one finding.

So I when I read this IG post from Kevin Balot, the Miss International Queen 2012, and an idol, I told myself, then there's that beauty I was looking for in Valentine's Day, the beauty of waiting, of holding on to yourself and believing that I don't need to compete with girls, real or not, and reserving that love to someone that can give love in the way that you can. Clearly, I don't have that yet now and I don't have any reason to celebrate. But I have me.
Then there's this beautiful Karat World collection called Forever My Love that I saw. Frankly, this tore my heart because it's so pretty and it would be really NICE to receive beautifully-crafted 14K white gold rings,pendants, or earrings shaped as artful hearts this Valentine's but not now, not for me as of now.
So how do you plan on celebrating your Vday?

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  1. Hi Mikki!

    Thank you so much for featuring Karat World on your blog :) See you soon. Hope your Valentines Day was awesome :D




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