#BreakMySpellMakeupParty II

Last year, I decided to celebrate my birthday not just with friends and family but with my readers. I love them all, and I love teaching, and I thought that I can extend the lessons based on my first! During the workshop, it was all about night makeup and of course, the basics of skin care, foundation application and other techniques are still applicable, but the night allows more freedom of expression despite the absence/too much presence of light. I taught them how to use, highlighters, how intensify their eye shadows, and some trends on Fall/Winter 2013. After the lesson proper, we had demonstrations and hands-on activity where I got to talk to them and answer their questions (and I had fun answering Joey's because she had the most difficult ones). Again, thank you to all who attended this event and for making it successful.
More of what happened after the workshop here.


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