Ray-Ban Wanderland

With my blog idols, Saab Magalona, Divine Lee, Victor Basa
Ok, so I experienced my first music festival a few weeks ago and unlike concerts of top artists with big hits, I pretty much like how this one's more interactive, peaceful and creative because you get to listen to different artists, their opinions through music, etc. i think I will join more of this in the future.

Ray-Ban friends!

One reason is also because I get to open my ears fully to artists like Neon Trees and Temper Trap which have music that i only hear as background in movies or shows like Gossip Girl and 500 Days of Summer. They deserve to be heard!!

And of course, great time with friends, new and old! It was really cool and artistic immersion for me!!

This is my favorite place in the festival!!
John James Uy. Like his bandana!
LOTD bubuyog peg with my orange clubmaster! NEVER HIDE! Wait for the next costume and lipstick change haha
Tita Anne Curtis!!

Sam Concepcion

Andi Eigenmann, Frank Magalona, Raymond Gutierrez and friends!
Erwan Heussaff (love his clubmaster frames!) and Raymond Gutierrez
With Lui Castaneda! (pagodesa na)
Kit Thompson!
Sam Pinto!
Very carefree Jasmin Custis
Ever cool Daniel Matsunaga
Elmo Magalona!
I love this shot!!
Dear Tracy Ayson so flashy with her Ray-Ban aviator flash lens!
My beshies and school mates Steef Uy and Michii Manio
Sweet Dispostion by Temper Trap ended the night!

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