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Majolica Majorca Edge Meister

I have long lashes, and my baby pictures can prove that, but believe me, hair breaks, and sometimes they just don't grow! So those long lashes you see in my eyes? my BFF mascaras do the job! And they just make my eyes more expressive and feminine. Unlike in the others parts of my body, the more hair / lashes, the better ;)

Now I'm reviewing probably one of the best lengthening mascaras. We all love Majolica's mascaras but let's see how this fares.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister
SRP: PHP 795
Availability: SM Department Stores & Watsons

(+) It has a comb that really lengthens and separates lashes plus a smaller comb that widens difficult-to-get short lashes such as eye corner lashes and lower lashes. See how the length of the bristles differ!
(+) the fibre as you can see tangling in the comb, is definitely longer than the Frame Plus which I've tried before. If you are not familiar with fibre tech in mascaras, they act as additional coating in the hair (much like an extension but it builds on each hair) and makes it even longer. If you notice small strand-like black particles, like below, they're not hair, FYI ;)

Here are before photo, see how I can barely see my lashes in this angle.
(+) With one application, below right lashes were longer, glossier, with darker tone.
(+) After two coats, even longer and glossier blacker lashes. With Gloss Oil, this is just perfect for all kinds of eye makeup!
 (+) Now this angle and you can see how long my lashes became, and how separated they were! See how even the smallest lashes in the corners were covered
 (+) You can also see below how curled my lashes were and how my lower lashes became really long! Like I don't need thin falsies anymore!
(+) Contains a liquid lengthening base that smoothly coats each individual lash
(+) inexpensive for this type of effect!
(+) Girl, this lasts for a long time! Plus, it's sweat, oil, tear and water proof.

(-) Volume is average, but this mascara is really for those who want have enough hair, and to those who want to lengthen their lashes. I'd prefer this on day time, while I would use it on my lower lashes on night time.
(-) Not easy to remove (because of the product's staying power), while the fibers will go off easily, there's black pigment that would stay so use the right makeup remover
(-) Not quick drying so make sure you don't move your eyes when applying.

Overall, I would recommend and repurchase this product. I think this is Majolica's best in lengthening, and probably one of the greatest I've tried so far. I just love how it lengthens, defines, curls and intensifies my lashes without putting too much volume on it. Very light too!

What do you think about it? ;)


  1. I also have long lashes but it still need something like this to emphasize it. Love your review! :)

    1. Yeah! Thanks Millet, And this mascara really further lengthens it for more drama!