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MAC Nicki Minaj

As you know, I am a Barbz fan! Her Pink Friday tour and my LOTD can prove that. haha I love how colorful, fantastical and weird she is and this year, the lipstick-loving diva is back to serve up a duo of lipstick and lipglass in an all-new shade of pastel lavender pink. I only discovered Viva Glam Nicki Minaj recently through my friend Bea Busmente and after seeing her with this shade, I just imagined myself in her pink world.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj 1 (Limited Edition) - Satin Lipstick
SRP: PHP1000
Availability: MAC Trinoma, MOA, Eastwood, Rustan's Makati

Nicki Minaj 1 was launched already before and this limited edition lipstick was brought back in line with the Nicki Minaj 2 launch in the Philippines. My thoughts?

(+) I love the packaging. Well, MAC is really known for collaborations with iconic people and as a Minaj fan, I would love her signature on my lippy. Especially that she's a great endorser too - notice how she has been wearing this in her appearances in TV and videos!
(+) Well, I always love the warm vanilla scent of a MAC lippy - and that's one signal that it's authentic!
(+) Now I believe that this is the perfect light coral ever made. A coral is a combination of orange-pink color and this is the hue that's not too intense or strong for me. It looks like a Barbie lipstick - pink but soft, and quite candy-like. pink color is more intense with flash, with orange sub tones appear at night.
Swatch of Nicki Minaj 1 lipstick (with flash)

Swatch of Nicki Minaj 1 lipstick (with flash)
(+) Now I'm loving the consistency of this satin lipstick. It covers every single pore of the lip - even the lines!
(+) While most matte mac lippies would be drying (which is normal), this one isn't.
(+) Actually, It even has a buildable coverage that becomes fuller and pronounced, covering lines and dry signs of the lips
Swatch of Nicki Minaj 1 lipstick (1 coat)
Swatch of Nicki Minaj 1 lipstick (2 coats)
Swatch of Nicki Minaj 1 lipstick (3 coats)
(+) It stays for quite a long time, and stains a little, so expect a pink shade that will be left after a few hours

(-) NONE!!

Overall, it is the perfect light coral pink for me that gives me a colorful soft look. I recommend it to people with warm/cool tones and are looking for a pink lipstick that's really unique and eye-catching, just like Minaj! Definitely, I will repurchase (I'm actually planning on restocking this as FYI, it's one of the limited edition's of MAC that's always flies fast in the counters)

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj 2 (Limited Edition) - Amplified Cream Lipstick
SRP: PHP1000
Availability: MAC Trinoma, MOA, Eastwood, Rustan's Makati

(+) Now, Nicki Minaj 2 is more unique with a pastel lavender-pink color. I have only imagined this color in my dreams. But now it's real! haha

(+) Amongst the different types of MAC lippies, my favorite is amplified cream because it has the perfect coverage and its quality can be proven because most of the shades are light/soft/even pastel which are hard to pull off with great coverage in a lipstick.
(+) But as you can see below, even with how light pastel and lavender it is, coverage is good.
(+) It might be a bit thick but color is very full. Color payoff is good
(+) and it covers even signs of my dry lips. 10/10 for this. I can prove this also with my St. Germain swatches.
swatch of Nicki Minaj 2 lipstick (with flash)
Swatch of Nicki Minaj 2 lipstick (3 coats)
(-) But this can only be achieved through layers of cream. With just one layer, I can see the pink tones of my lips and the lines (and cracks especially if you have dry lips) so it's quite needed that the application is like this to achieve perfection
(-) Since it's cream-based, it can only stay for a limited time and retouching might be needed for good coverage. I advise to use a good lip base to hold it.
(-) It's might be only wearable by people with cool tones (dark or fair), and by experimental ones. In my opnion, it suits me since it's quite white, it makes my lips look more noticeable and visible without flushing my overall face color.

Overall, I recommend this lip color to experimental ones and people, like makeup artists,  who collect different shades. This is very unique but the color can limit my usage. But I think that's the point of a limited edition lipstick right? ;)
At any rate, I would still repurchase because FYI, every cent of the selling price less v.a.t. goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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  1. Where can we purchase the MAC Nicki Minaj 1&2 lipstick?

    -Pauline | Kallony Philippines

    1. 1 I think is out of stock since it's limited but the 2 I still found it in Trinoma =)

  2. Where can I purchase Viva Glam Nicki? It's out of stock in Mac Stores :(