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Thursday, May 03, 2012

There are just two affordable matte lipsticks that I buy: NYX and BYS (and sometimes, Ever Bilena). But it's not just the price. We all know how difficult it is to find a matte lipstick in the market, as we're bombarded with satin and glossy ones. But let me share with you why BYS is a go-to of mine.
BYS Matte Lipstick
SRP: PHP 299
Availability: SM Department Stores

I have two matte BYS lipsticks and this will be the basis of my review. One is an intense color, while the other is not.

(+) Fury is a matte tangerine. I've been looking for this kind of color in MAC, and the closest matte is Lady Danger (but it's redder) so I think this is very unique!
(+) Colors are unique. Offhand,'s swatches prove that the hues and quality are indeed similar to MAC's
(+) As you can see below, coverage and consistency is good especially for the intense color. As for softer nuder shades, I'm not sure yet but I'm not sold by the Salsa color because of the feathering.

Swatch of BYS Matte in Fury (left) and BYS Matte Salsa with flash
(+) On lips, Fury appears to cover signs of my dry lips and below proves the very good coverage and color pay-off.
(+) Color stays for so long, I barely needed to retouch especially with the intense pigment.
(+) It's kind of thick but I think it suits the intense matte effect that it gives.
Swatch of BYS Matte in Fury (with flash)
Swatch of BYS Matte in Salsa (with flash)
(+) Salsa provides a soft reddish beige that actually has an OK coverage but I can't see the matte effect so I would still go for the intense colors. I saw the pink hues and they look really promising!
(+) Doesn't dry lips too much
(+) No bad scent. That's one of the things I like about BYS lippies.
(+) Addordable! For 249, you can have matte lipsticks in your collection and some are actually intensely pigmented!

(-) Packaging. The cap tends to be very loose. One time I actually lost it and my bag became very messy. The color just splashed all over it! My tip is to leave a part of the sticker that is included when you first open the product so it seals the container.

Overall, I am very impressed with BYS Matte Fury (coverage, texture, etc) and I would recommend it to matte lovers who want a wide selection of matte lipsticks. For sure, a collection is possible because of its affordable price. I'm planning to purchase the intense pink ones!!
What do you think ladies?

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