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BYS Neon

Clearly, I was addicted to neon this summer. It's like I wanna burst in color - in my LOTD, in Avicii concert, when I was in Boracay and I think it will take a while for my get out from this phase. One reason is below.

BYS Neon Eyeshadow palette (Limited)
Availability: SM Department Stores (new one in SM Aura!)

(+) True to the product shot, the colors are intense by just viewing the product
(-) However, it's not too intense when applied on skin. Needs to be coated 2-3 times or on a wet application to be able to achieve a great burst of color like in my LOTD

(+) Since it's neon, with truly intense color, it glow under the dark with bright/UV light
(+) Great selection of colors in the palette
(+) Matte finish which is great for this effect
 (+) On eyes, coverage and consistency is OK. It doesn't cover the skin too much but the colors are very much noticeable.
Swatches of BYS Neon Eye Shadow 2 coats with flash
 (+) I love that the colors are easy to blend like below!
Swatches of BYS Neon Eye Shadow 2 coats with flash
(+) Not too expensive for a very unique product
(-) The applicator is too soft and easy to break and ruin especially when 2-3 coats are needed.

Overall, this is one of the products that would go in the collection. Whether for parties, shoots, LOTD's or just for fun, I recommend this and I'm sure Nicki Minaj would do as well ;)


  1. Wow! I will definitely give it a try, nice colors. I really love it! and your eyes are really beautiful.

    Much Love,