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MAC Fashion Sets

So the limited edition Fashion Sets 2013 which I've been waiting for (because of the violet hue, Heroine) since April is now available in the Philippines (5-6 pcs remaining in the MAC counters haha). I bought that of course because I thought that it's a very unique hue. That's one of my first considerations whenever I buy lipstick because I can always mix & match, then next would be the consistency and texture. Let's review!

MAC Fashion Sets 2013 Matte Lipsticks (Limited edition)
SRP: 1000
Availability: MAC Cosmetics Trinoma, MOA, Eastwood, etc

(+) As always, impressive consistency, coverage and texture. It's matte and true to its name.
(+) Colors are bold - Ablaze is a bright coral, the middle of Morange and Lady Danger; Silly is like MAC Nicki Minaj 1 less the coral tone; Heroine is pure violet with a cool undertone (which doesn't match me); Embrace Me is a subtle version of Candy Yum Yum
(+) Nonetheless, in terms of uniqueness of color, I was not that impressed because these can look very similar to the ones I mentioned especially Embrace Me and Silly.
swatches of MAC Fashion sets matte lipsticks (l-r Ablaze, Silly, Heroine, Embrace Me) with flash
 (+/-) In terms of texture, I find Heroine quite more glossy than the other matte's of MAC
swatches of MAC Fashion sets matte lipsticks (l-r Ablaze, Silly, Heroine, Embrace Me) without flash
(+) But also, I noticed changes in MAC's formulation. this one didn't dry my lips maybe because it had more moisture than others ad you can see in the picture below.
swatch of MAC Fashion set Matte lipstick in Herone - 2 coats with flash
(-) In terms of consistency and coverage, I find Heroine inferior than other usual matte's. As you can see below, it didn't cover and colored every part of my lips and cracks can be seen. I can't tell this for the other fashion set lipsticks but based on my arm swatch, seems like others are OK. This could be because of the unusual color, violet.
Overall, if you haven't bought much MAC lipsticks like Candy Yum Yum, Lady Danger/Morange or Nicki Minaj 1, go for this set because of the MAC quality and the colors that would fit your collection. Heroine is a very unique hue though but lacks in terms of coverage and consistency. Nonetheless, I would still buy Heroine because no other brand can offer this unique piece of lippie (especially if you are a makeup artist!)

At any rate, you might want to check out the liners, nail colors and shadows that match your lipsticks. That's the statement of Fashion Sets. I like it better on nails, lip liners and shadows because the colors now are more unique since there's less variety when it comes to these product types.

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