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Laura Mercier Creme Smooth

Sheer is still in. And my bet for this texture in terms of makeup is Laura Mercier's newest lipstick! I've reviewed one shade of this line and will do for 3 more shades that I got recently. My past review and pictures show how this product has always made my strong features subdued with the shades of Creme Smooth.

Laura Mercier NEW Creme Smooth Lipsticks (Arabesque, MOD Pink and Iced Melon)
SRP: P1250
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores
So I got the below products. Aside from Arabesque which is a limited edition collection, Laura launched exclusive permanent shades for ASIA. As you can see below, the below new items I got are very soft, sheer and quite nude but the new shades are not necessarily nude in color.
Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick in Arabesque (limited), MOD Pink and Iced Melon (permanent)
(+) As always, whether new or old or limited or permanent, in one smoothing swipe, the crème formula envelops lips in rich colour with a lustrous finish. The cushiony, lightweight texture feels comfortable, while pure Olive Oil and Vitamin E nourish lips. I just realized it's really the feel and texture that makes this line very unique for me.

(+) Now for Arabesque which is a limited edition color, I really like the unique Peachy Pink color that quite reminds me of MAC Betty Bright. ;)
(+) As seen below, coverage is not too thick but with right amount of color, despite the soft nude hue
(+) texture is above average. Not drying, always smoothing!
Swatch of Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in Arabesque (with flash)
(+) On my lips, while the consistency is just OK, it always gives the appearance of visibly fuller and younger looking lips.
Swatch of Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in Arabesque - 2 coats with flash

(+) For the new asia shades, there are additional 6 (ROSE/PINKS: NEW Tulip, NEW Mod Pink, NEW Flamingo; CORAL/RUBIES: NEW Iced Melon; BROWN/NUDES: NEW Cameo, NEW Icing) to add to 32 lustrous shades, from neutral to bold which has medium-full coverage.

(+) Very unique colors I got from the new 6 shades - Mod Pink is a bright nude pink while Iced Melon is a light peachy orange
Swatch of Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in MOD Pink (left) and Iced melon (right) with flash
(+) On lips, I was quite surprised that These are two colors that are quite different in texture in a sense that they are more "sheer" in effect but with good colors and as always, the creamy lightweight texture.
(+) Colour glides evenly onto lips; does not skip or drag
Swatch of Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in MOD Pink - 3 coats with flash
Swatch of Laura Mercier Creme Smooth in Iced Melon - 3 coats with flash

(-) Long-wearing ability is just OK because of the creme texture

Overall, I discovered the great unique rich color that Laura Mercier Creme Smooth gives with a lightweight sheer creamy texture. While it's not too long-wearing or full in coverage, it's a different take on nudes especially - the overall effect is just soft, quite sheer, and lustrous.


  1. I like the Iced Melon shade on your lips. :)

    1. Thanks Gellie! Nice profile photo ;)

  2. That Iced Melon one is gorgeous! :)

    Love your blog, by the way. Following you now. I've seen you before during events but I'm too shy to say hi, haha!


    1. Oh, Chai, thaaaaanks! Hope to meet you soon toooo ;)