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Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder

“On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.” – Bobbi Brown

Oh well, I might not be thinking of weddings YET but I'm sure that most of you will love this because this is one of the most beautiful sparkle product I've ever seen and met. ;)
Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder (limited edition)
SRP: PHP 3200
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) I fell in love at first sight with the packaging. It has a mirrored stainless  body which houses the beautiful sparkles.
(+) I think it's too many which is of course good for its many uses! And for brides and brides-to-be this can be used on eyes, cheeks, body or I think even on lips.
(+) I love that the white pigment is quite monotone in sparkle which makes it extra luxe and can be used on top of any colored eye shadows
(+)On arms, the product has a sheer coverage as you can see on the right, but can be buildable
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder - 2 coats (left), 1 coat (right) - no flash
(+)Now the sparkles shine bright as it reflects the light! I love how the effect is very luxurious-looking with its little glitters that when combined, forms bigger sparkles. No edits on this ;)
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder - 2 coats (left), 1 coat (right) - with flash
(+) Versus a glitter cream from BYS which I'll review soon, it has a more natural luxe effect with its smaller, refined particles
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder vs BYS - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Doesn't feel too heavy; has a refined texture
(+) Plainly on eyes, it gives a translucent finish that's to do die for
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder - 2 coats, with flash
(+) I use it also below the eyes for a highlighting effect, and will show you in another post how I use this on top of color. I love how it gives a subtle glow that's just amazing.
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Luxe Sparkle Powder - 1 coat, with flash
(+) Long-lasting (for around full 8 hours)
(+) No irritation experienced

Overall, despite the high price, the quality, size, and luxury feel it gives which I'm sure brides there will value not just on their day but for the rest of their beauty journeys, just rationalizes everything. I just love it and I have the right to be sparkly too despite the fact that my wedding is still far away in my dreams. ;)


  1. love it! love the sparkle and the crystal effect <3
    followed you :)