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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I don't normally look at the product's packaging but most luxury brands won't compromise on all aspects, including quality which is always a good thing. Lancome is delighted to announce an exceptional collaboration with one of the most highly acclaimed names in Fashion: Alber Elbaz. And the designs specifically made for the products are worth it. Let's check this new breed of luxury that is definitely contemporary.

Lancome Alber Elbaz Mascaras  (limited edition packaging)
SRP: PHP 1995
Availability: Greenbelt 5 Boutique, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Alabang, Essences at Powerplant Mall
The limited edition collection is limited in a sense of the packaging. All the products has a permanent SKU counterpart in the stores which is good because I can get to repurchase my favorite products that  from Lancome like the Hypnose Doll Eyes and Hypnose Star palette.   
One of the designs for Lancome Alber Elbaz
Now, with the special packaging, my favorite Lancome mascaras are priced higher by 100 PHP and I must say, the level of artistry in the design is beyond amazing. I bet that I'll just keep these products on display. ;)
(+) As mentioned, with or without the packaging, the quality of products aren't compromised. It looks luxurious in the outside, but also in the inside. You can check my previous review of my favorite mascara from the brand, Hypnose doll eyes which has a a total volume, length and false-lash effect.

(+) So I got the original Hypnose mascara which has a custom-wear volumizing effect. I love the brush of this product because it lets you put volume anywhere - middle, inner or outer part of the lashes.

 (+) On lashes, it multiplies the hair through the pigment and makes it thicker and heavier but upon first coat, it gives a natural finish
(+) Through the unique brush, it allows application even in the difficult areas like lower lashes and upper inner and outer lashes.

Swatch of Lancome Hypnose mascara - 1 coat, with flash
(+) Water-proof, smudge-proof and long-lasting
(-) Dries very fast, though won't allow too much retouching and build up as 2-3 coats would start to show signs of clumping. The trick is to apply it immediately and brush the hair lashes after.
Swatch of Lancome Hypnose mascara - 2 coats, with flash
(+) The finish is semi-matte, which is quite different and unique from Doll Eyes which is glossy
(+) Nonetheless, the overall effect is just extreme volume that allows hair lashes to be seen still
(+) Again, through the unique brush, I was able to focus on the outer lashes as you can see below which is stylish for me ;)
Swatch of Lancome Hypnose mascara - 2 coats, with flash
Overall, despite the price, Hypnose mascaras are always on the top of my list when it comes to this product, as well as eye shadows, some swatches of which you can see below. Staying true to its promise, it also gives a quirky and different style - this hypnose can let you customize the focus of volume, hypnose doll eyes has a unique glossy finish with scent, etc - and this is of course on top of the packaging which is just stunning. I will definitely repurchase and this is one of those that will go to my collections.

Now with the eyeshadows, there are 3 quads:

Below is Hypnose star (remember Betty Boop!) and it has more glitter and shimmer finish than any other shadow which is just stunning!
Swatch of Lancome Hypnose Star Palette (PHP 2995)- 2 coats, with flash
Below is a the Lancome quad which has more matte finish with a pink tone. Impressed with the coverage, color pay off and luxury finish. Hypnose Doll Palette is quite the same except for the more subtle brown colors.
Swatch of Lancome Hypnose Drama Palette (PHP 2995)- 2 coats, with flash
 The monos are also exquisite with its luxury feel, coverage and overall effect! Below are swatches of the pink tones.

And oh, don't forget to check out the falsies which look very couture!!! 

There are lots of brands collaborating with designers and I think that ,ore than any other designer, Alber Elbaz has shown his ability to renew conceptions of femininity with a simultaneously quirky and couture style which is in tune with Lancome, a brand symbolic of joyful femininity. Immerse yourself in this world through a video below or by visiting their stores in Manila which look very nice!

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