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MAC All About Orange

I love orange, and I just recently realized that despite my fair complexion, I have a warm tone which suits this kind of color. MAC recently launched a limited edition line featuring all kinds of orange. I think that this year, also with the Fashion Sets collection, the brand is giving us a color statement that we too can use and express ourselves with.

MAC All About Orange Collection Lipsticks (limited)
SRP: PHP 1000
                                Availability: MAC Trinoma, Eastwood, MOA, Shangrila, etc

(+) Of course I will start with the lipsticks. I recently bought an Amplified Creme in true orange called Morange (and of course the red orange Lady Danger) and they're my current favorites, but with the new line, more oranges were released, from peach, yellow orange, lighter ones, neon, etc. Below are such unique colors and textures from the line. Variety galore!

Swatch of MAC All About Orange Lipstick collection (l-r) CremeSheen Sweet & Sour, Lustre Flamingo, Satin Sushi Kiss, Lustre Razzle Dazzler, Lustre Tangerine Dream, Amplified Neon Orange, Lustre Tart & Trendy - 2 coats, with flash
My favorites are CremeSheen Sweet & Sour, Satin Sushi Kiss, Lustre Tangerine Dream and Amplified Neon Orange because of unique colors and finishes. Tart & Trendy is very much like Morange and I'm not a super fan of Lustre. I got CremeSheen Sweet & Sour and so far, I'm loving this finish because it's a lightweight version of Amplified with a good pigmentation but softer and smoother. I bow down to the feel of this lipstick.

I bought Sweet & Sour but I'm also eyeing on Sushi Kiss which is so pretty with a coral-peach hue.

(+)At first coat, CremeSheen Sweet & Sour won't suit my dry lips in the sense of coverage but mind you, it's perfect for my lip type because it's just so soft, smooth, light despite the creamy pigmented finish.
Swatch of MAC Creme Sheen Sweet & Sour - 1 coat, with flash
(+) With 2 coats, it released its full potential - the color, coverage, not so thick feel despite the pigmented color.
(+) Detailing on the color, It's very much like Betty bright, except the finish and the more neon peach hue it gives.
Swatch of MAC Creme Sheen Sweet & Sour - 2 coats, with flash
(+) It has a tendency to settle on the lip lines because it has a sheen coverage, but I would challenge myself to take care of my dry lips just to wear this lippie!
Swatch of MAC Creme Sheen Sweet & Sour - 2 coats, with flash
Now if I have all the money, I would buy this collection because I love the variety, uniqueness and of course the quality in these products. Except for some colors because I have some orange in my collection already, I would recommend and push myself to purchase other shades and product types like the blushes and glosses. But then, these are limited edition items.

Swatch of MAC All About Orange Cheek Color - 2 swatches, with flash
Below is the current visual in the MAC counters which is stunning, so i'll try to recreate this look for you for my next LOTD with black & white geometry/stripes! ;)


  1. Mikki, can I get advice on what brands of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick to use? I'm a doctor and spend most of my day in the hospital. I need makeup that's easy to apply, won't smudge and looks natural.

    Thank you, and more power!