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T.LeClerc Pressed Powder

Journey back in time to the early 20th century, when elegance and a carefree lifestyle were the name of the game. To celebrate, Théophile LeClerc is donning its pompom beret to introduce a colourful and contrastive collection, as fresh and invigorating as sea spray - at centre stage of which is a star powder in a package that made me swoon. Know more below why
T.LeClerc Evasion Pressed Powder (limited edition)
PHP: SRP 1650
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) First impression lasts and this product had that. It has a navy blue and white cardboard case, intertwined with the initials "T.L." and a boat rope. While it might be too bulky for a bag, or even in a travel bag, I still loved the feeling it gives me - like I'm closer to the sea and the sun! Which is also perfect for this week as we celebrated the World Ocean's day.
Photo taken last month when I was in Boracay
(+) Zooming in, there are two alternating shades of powder arranged in concentric circles. It makes it easier to use using a powder because it becomes more distributed (for retouching), but might be a little tricky when using a sponge. I suggest you swipe starting from the inner circle so that covers your eyes and the pink highlighter transfers to the cheeks where it's supposed to be.

(-/+) While this might make it appear like there's a lot of product inside, it's actually a thin layer. Nonetheless, product doesn't crack or break at all when it's about to be finished.

(+) I love that the finish of the product for the powder is semi-matte and for the highlighter as well 
Swatch of T.LeClerc Evasion Pressed Powder - 2 coats, with flash
 (-) The powder is a bit standard in color so it doesn't match my skin tone, but when used subtly, it's just OK.
Swatch of T.LeClerc Evasion Pressed Powder - 1 coat, with flash
 (+) Especially when mixed, together on the skin, the Translucide and Cannelle shades play off one another, providing a hue that matches my skin tone. 
Swatch of T.LeClerc Evasion Pressed Powder - 1 coat (combined), with flash
 (+) The overall texture is soft and quite sheer with a hint of pigment - very perfect for a beach-kind of makeup. you can see that on the skin of my sister who has a darker tone than me.
(+) Consistency is very good - it provides even application of the product. 
(+) Long-lasting effect is Ok
Swatch of T.LeClerc Evasion Pressed Powder (RIGHT) - 1 coat, with flash
It's also perfect with this Matelot Powder Blush (PHP 1450)

This real goat hair brush is soft and precise for all blushers and powders.

I love the contrast between its metal body and its red hairs makes this the “lucky charm” of the collection, like the pompom on a sailor’s beret.

Overall, while it might be quite expensive for a pressed powder, I am deeply attracted with the packaging and sheer beach-makeup effect it gives so I recommend this to people who have nearly perfect skin. Nonetheless, for me, it works as a retouching powder + highlighter and based on usage, it didn't crease or compete with my liquid and powder foundation with full coverage. It also works well with a contoured face as it gives dimension and a natural-fresh effect that too white or pinkish highlighters give.

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