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Thursday, May 03, 2012

UVA rays are silent enemies. Your SPF prevents UVB active in the summer season to cause sunburns but UVA is present all year round and can penetrate deep into the dermis and damage skin. But now, there are other things like free radicals, DNA damage, and even skin cancer that we should think of. It's a good thing that most sun care products in the market target both UVA and UVB rays with their PA+++ signs but a new brand introduces us to a different kind of protection.

Now what's new is the brand Helio Care has several topical presentations and an exclusive oral photoprotectant "which prevents the signs of photoaging on a daily basis". Now what is photo protection??

All I know is that it goes beyond protection that is focused on sunburn only. According to Wikipedia, photoprotection is a group of mechanisms that nature has developed to minimize the damage that the human body suffers when exposed to UV radiation. This damage mostly occurs in the skin, but the rest of the body can be affected by the oxidative stress caused by UV light - which can be prevented via internal conversion is a photochemical process that converts the energy of the UV photon into small, harmless amounts of heat. If the energy of the UV photon were not transformed into heat, then it would lead to the generation of free radicals or other harmful reactive chemical species.

Helio Care Advanced
Availability: Heliocare products are available here in the Philippines. These products are channeled via dermatologists. Or for more information, please contact the D'Mark office (02) 2424242 local 714, look for Mean.

Now, according to brand, the Heliocare product line has the exclusive active ingredient Fernblock, a fern originating from Central America. "The Fernblock extract is an excellent antioxidant with photoprotective properties providing innovative protection mechanisms against sun damage.The Heliocare line has a wide range of products for topical use, combining physical chemical and phytobiological filters giving maximum coverage against harmful ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA). Its photoprotector efficacy is boosted by new photoprotection technologies included in the Heliocare formulations such as sunspheres, ultrasomes and phytosphingosines."

Above you can see a video explaining it in detail and I love that it's backed up by researches and medical people but the main benefits are four new levels of protection including immunoprotection to activate the skin’s defences before, during and after sun exposure, cellular DNA protection to inhibit the formation of cells linked to cancer, anti-oxidant activity to help slow the ageing process, and preservation of skin architecture to prevent structural changes in the dermis.

(+) While I'm not so familiar with this but it all makes sense, I know that beyond sunburns UV rays does damage body and maybe that's because of the free radicals that are produced because of the photo chemical mechanisms. Notice signs when your body and skin is exposed to too much sun. I haven't tried the oral product and most of the body sunblocks but this is a promising benefit that could probably no harm but good especially with a natural ingredient.

(+) I love that this product has a variety of colors for its tinted line which I got - the gel cream and the oil-free compact which is like a concealer.

Heliocare SPF 50 Oil-free Compact 
SRP: 2350
(+) Now this compact make up with SPF 50 sun protection is really oil-free with a quite dry texture
Swatch of Heliocare SPF 50 Oil-free Compact - 2 coats, with flash
 (-) Quite dark for my skin tone but it has compacts (brown, light and fair) so I used this to my sister which matched her tone
Swatch of Heliocare SPF 50 Oil-free Compact - 2 coats, with flash
(+) ideal for daily use to cover blemishes and act as camouflage to hide skin blemishes with its good coverage, pigmentation and consistency
(-) Quite hard to spread
(+) Available in 10 g powder container with sponge.
Swatch of Heliocare SPF 50 Oil-free Compact - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Good matte finish that's really fit for impurities and for people with oily skin
Swatch of Heliocare SPF 50 Oil-free Compact - 3 coats, with flash
(+) With 3 coats, it could completely be built up and cover unwanted areas especially in the sensitive part of the face which is the eyes.

Heliocare Gelcream Color SPF 50 (brown and light)
SRP: 2500

 (+) Now I also this product because as you can see below, it matches my tone and is truly good for oily skin with its gel texture
(+) Also has panthenol for non-greasy hydration
Swatch of Heliocare Gelcream Color SPF 50 (light) (left) - 2 coats, with flash
(-) Coverage and consistency is not that good versus the compact
(-) Not so pigmented

(+) No irritation experienced. Can be definitely used in reduction of possible side effects of treatments (anti-acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, photoaging)
(+) Fresh scent present in both products

Overall, I love these tinted products and would repurchase and recommend this especially the compact to people who are especially extremely exposed under the sun - like field workers, people in tropical areas, and travelers. It's better to be protected with all types of damage that the UV rays can cause short-term and long-term and these tinted products add a makeup effect that could easily force us to protect our skin and face.

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