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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Compact

It's the start of foundation week here in my blog and let me start it with the one that's on the top of my list: Bobbi Brown. The makeup artist has the philosophy that it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference. That’s why this new Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation is designed to disappear. I have never tried Bobbi Brown bases before but when I started to know about it, it completely changed everything.

 SRP: PHP 2400

Availablility: Bobbi Brown counters in Rustan’s Makati (812-2507), Rustan’s Shangri-La (633-4636) and Essenses Rockwell (822-9400) and SM Mall of Asia this May 2013

(+) The new product is another format of the Bobbi liquid foundation that I'll compare on the latter part of this review; And I think that this new packaging is one of its unique assets
(+) Comes in 8 tones: Warm Ivory, Sand, Warm Sand, Beige, Warm Beige, Natural, Warm Natural, Honey.
(+) The texture is creamy, like a middle of a liquid and a cream foundation
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Compact Foundation in Beige
 It's so good that my mom and I keep on restocking this foundation!It comes with a sponge that makes it less messy and since it's creamy, it won't get absorbed by the applicator.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Compact Foundation in Beige

(+) While the color I got is obviously dark on my arms, it's quite fine for my face and mom's and color disappears when on top of powder which is doable.
(+) Coverage and consistency is very nice and while it looks cake-y on arms - which usually happens with creamy formulations - it just doesn't when applied on face.
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Compact Foundation in Beige
BEFORE with mom's oily skin with some imperfections
 (+) I also like that it can be easily transferred, blended and applied on skin with a smooth texture.
(+) The finish is just semi-matte but non-oily; the overall effect is soft yet concealed. As you can see below, color disappears and gives a natural healthy finish that doesn't look too made up. And this is because it has a balance of the first silica powder that absorbs excess oils and provides a lightweight feel AND the second silica powder gives skin a natural-looking soft focus effect.

Swatch of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Compact Foundation in Beige - 2 coats, with flash
 (+) Also, it tries to copy the texture of the skin, while concealing lines, pores, uneven skin tone - without making it look super thick, cakey and fake. This is even with mom's oily skin and an anti-ageing moisturizer which makes her face look contoured by the way.
Swatch of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Compact Foundation in Beige (RIGHT) - 2 coats, with flash
(+) My mom works for 8 hours and I noticed that she gets home with a perfect coverage still.

Featuring the same advanced film former technology as Bobbi’s award winning Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation creates a finish that lasts 12 hours. 
(+) My mom is oily and the foundation doesn't make skin much more which usually happens with creamy formulations. It's just wearable, comfortable and lightweight.

(+) Vitamin-enriched with powerful anti-oxidants, Vitamins C & E to protect skin against future damage. It makes my mom's skin hydrated even with good foundation pigments on her face.
(+) No allergies experienced
(+) Citrus scent makes it so nice to apply and wear

(+/-) Quite pricey during first impression but lasting power offsers
(-) Doesn't give a perfect coverage when you put blush, colors, etc compared to a liquid foundation that sticks to the skin right away. We noticed that the finish becomes better after a few hours and it settles with the skin.

Overall, I can say that Bobbi Brown has one of the best foundations in terms of wearability, lasting power and overall effect. It's one of those that I use whenever I need a presentable skin for hours; while as everyday can't-live-without foundation for my mom. According to her, she has found the right foundation for her that when applied on skin, people won't just stop saying "you look so blooming and fresh". I definitely recommend and will repurchase in the future.
 The compact foundation's weakness in terms and settling in the skin completes the perfect aspects of the liquid foundation which is my thing!!!
 And whether or not it's long-wearing or the ordinary foundation of Bobbi Brown, the quality of its pigment and skin compatibility is undeniable as you can see in the swatches of some foundation and concealers. It doesn't cover the skin completely but it conceals and provides a natural look.
 It makes a lot more beautiful with Katie Holmes as ambassadress of confidence that can be perfected through makeup
Katie Holmes for Bobbi Brown
 Overall overall, Bobbi Brown is on the top of my list. Hands Down. Yes Ma'am.

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