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MAC Riri Lipsticks

I always say that MAC matte's are like vices because they're just so beautiful and I feel so good wearing them, but I'm not so sure about what it could do to the condition of my lips or my skin. Just like bad girl Riri (I really don't know why she had to take this label in because her music and soul is just so real and pretty)! At any rate, regardless of that, the moment I wear these lipsticks, I feel and look extraordinary and I might just throw away my other MAC red's and lavender's because of the superior effect these lippies give.

SRP: PHP 1000-1500
Availability:; online shops like House of Sabrina, The Beauty Port, or Carefree Shopper; soon at PH MAC counters with a different packaging

Well I must say, all the rave and wanting for this is true (see me previous entry haha). It looks pretty outside and soo good when worn.
MAC Riri Boy, Heaux, Riri Woo with Rihanna's signature
(+) A lot of people say that they are the "retro matte" versions. Riri Woo is a super version of a matte Ruby Woo, Riri Boy is a retro matte identity of a creamy Up The Amp, and Heaux of a satin lipstick called Rebel. Well, I haven't tried all their permanent counter parts except for Ruby Woo which is outstanding already except for the drying formula, but it's very good because when all of these Riri lipsticks are gone and done, we can always go back to the colors they have.
(+) My favorite is Riri Woo because of my warm complexion which has a yellow undertone that can be seen even slightly under blue light. While it might be very similar to Ruby Woo, I think this has a deeper more matte finish that could give you deeper fuller lips. I would still prefer this than Ruby Woo because finish is important for me. My second favorite is Riri Boy because I think that's it's the true lavender, less white and darker than Nicki Minaj 2, and lighter a lot less violet than Heroine.
Swatch of MAC Riri Boy, Heaux, Riri Woo - 2 coats, without flash, night/blue light
(+) Nonetheless, as always, I think no other brand can beat the retro matte formula which is true to its name - super duper matte, deep color, no trace of shine or sparkle - which is really obvious with Riri Woo but not so much on Riri Boy and Heaux WHEN up close. You can see that below.
Swatch of MAC Riri Boy, Heaux, Riri Woo - 2 coats, without flash
(+) Consistency is very very good with Riri Boy and Woo, but not so much of Heaux as you can see that's it's not so full and solid as the others but I think that's not too much of a problem
Swatch of MAC Riri Boy, Heaux, Riri Woo - 2 coats, with flash
(-) Texture is of course dry because it's matte and because of the amount of pigments present so you have to deal with a brush or a hard application

(+) Coverage is very good across all colors, providing full on color with a deepening ability as you can see with my retro matte LOTD using Riri Woo 
Swatch of MAC Riri Boy - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of MAC Riri Boy  - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of MAC  Heaux - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of MAC Heaux - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of MAC Riri Woo - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of MAC Riri Woo - 2 coats, with flash
(-) Of course, it's drying! But when you can apply a slightly matte lip balm prior so you can apply it easily and after so you can avoid the chapped lips, then better. I discovered a REALLY GOOD solution for this and I will tell you so soon so we can wear our MAC's!!! ;)
(+) Lasting ability is very superior, little touch-ups needed because it's really matte and color won't transfer in glasses, utensils or cigarettes! haha (badgirlriri peg)
(+) Quite hard to remove especially Heaux so make sure you use a good makeup remover that's really thick in oils.

Overall, no matter how drying this is, ESPECIALLY THIS, I will still wear, repurchase (if ever there is still) and continuously feel good with its superior finish, overall effect and color. ;) These lipsticks will definitely STAY.

Now, MAC just released a series of Retro Matte lipsticks that are non-Riri and the colors are quite unique and of course girls will love the deep finish as I've reviewed here. It will be released in limited Philippine MAC counters beginning this Saturday!

There is a retro matte version of a matte Ruby Woo and I compared it with my Riri Woo and I must say they might be very similar especially with flash but really, this new retro matte is more yellowish in undertone (more orange) and is a bit lighter. I might have to reserve this one because I really like a warmer tone! ;)

Swatch of MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo (left) and Retro Matte RIRi Woo Without flash (above) with flash (below) 

What ya think?

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  1. Hahaha, I don't care as well. I want the matte-est no shine whatsoever lipstick in the world. Too bad I missed Rihanna's summer collection :(