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Mary Kay Translucent Powder

Finding a powder that is the perfect match for your skin tone can be a difficult task. The beauty of a translucent powder is that it eliminates the guesswork, so you can feel confident that it’s the right shade for you. But more than that, it just delivers a final effect that's beyond amazing. Let's see this one, and my first impression on Mary Kay cosmetics.
Mary Kay Translucent Powder
SRP: PHP 800
Availability: through any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

(-) The powder is very fine so one should be very careful with applying. It may not be super convenient to use and becomes messy.
Mary Kay Translucent Powder
(+) On my arms, I love that it is not too chalky. This is evident when the particles are too fine which is a good indication of the quality.
(+) The below photo shows the blended application on the upper part. It gives an illuminating and softening effect instantly.
(+) The color is white, but it blends very well with the skin tone.
(-) Nonetheless, the consistency is not that good as you can see the powder settling in the pores.
Swatch of Mary Kay Translucent Powder - with flash
Swatch of Mary Kay Translucent Powder - with flash, blended

(+) When blended all over my arms, OMG, it just gives a very sheer natural skin perfecting finish. The camera adjusted when I blended all over the skin and all you’ll see is makeup that looks fresh t
BEFORE with foundation - pores , lines and impurities can still be seen, etc
(+) On face, it has a final effect that is like Camera 360 - the light-scattering properties in the Mary Kay® Translucent Loose Powder are designed to diffuse light and create a ―soft focus‖ effect that diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Now that’s a multitasking powder any woman can love!
After using Mary Kay Translucent Powder - 1 layer, with flash, no edits or filters
(+) Feels weightless and texture is just velvety smooth, Easy to glide as well.(+) Sets foundation and controls the oil instantly
(+) Dermatologist tested, Fragrance-free, Oil-free, Suitable for sensitive skin, Non-comedogenic
(+) Mary Kay also sells a brush for this. You can apply then using light, long, downward strokes. Put powder starting at the forehead and moving down to the chin, covering the entire face.
(+) Eliminate the need for shade matching with one powder that can provide an invisible oil-controlling finish to all skin tones — from very fair to dark - which I've tested on morena skin and as you can see in the below photo.

Overall, I just love this product. It might not just be any ordinary translucent powder that finishes skin and makes foundation stay in place but it gives an extraordinary softening finish that any women of color can use. TWO THUMBS UP and I'm liking this first impression I have on Mary Kay ;)

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