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NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Translucent Crystal

Setting Powders by definition should do the job of finalizing and protecting everything that you've put in your face - making sure all things work very well, that the base lasts for x number of hours and controls everything like shine. But brands have continuously improved theirs with added properties and one that Nars has it it's translucent crystal effect. Let's review!
 NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder Translucent Crystal
SRP: PHP1500+
Availability: Rustan's Department Stores

(+) I recently reviewed a translucent powder and based on a comparison below, it has more reflective capacity with slightly more noticeable particles. This one is also less matte (but not too glossy). Which means that the overall effect of NARS' is truly more crystal-like and more reactive to light in a reflective way. It depends on where you would you use it but NARS has a better effect for studio or an environment that has more lights, or for people who needs more of this illusion of softer glowing skin.
(+) This setting powder enhances the look of foundation without a trace of color, extending makeup wear thanks to the NARS exclusive Light Reflecting ComplexTM, which optimizes light-reflection on the skin.
(+) Consistency is also good; without any trace of powder.
 Swatch of NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder Translucent Crystal(LEFT) vs Mary Kay (RIGHT) - 2 coats, with flash
(+) What also makes it more unique is its Photochromic Technology, which diffuses light and adjusts to new sources of light throughout the day. I have to test this but I noticed that when outdoor or night where this product won't work that much, it didn't make my face appear too bright or white.

 Swatch of NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder Translucent Crystal

(+) Upon first swipe, soft, silky and luxurious to the touch and undetectable on the skin, this weightless formula applies evenly and blends effortlessly. It's very thin as well.
(+) I love the packaging; Unlike my previous review with powders, this one is more eeasy to use, control and  apply. With a very thin applicator, it transfers the product to the face (but make sure your face is already covered in powder foundation because the sponge can absorb that)
 Swatch of NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder Translucent Crystal - 2 coats, without flash

(+) And because of its great job on reflecting light, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores optically fade as skin is visibly transformed. I couldn't see so much of softening the skin which my previous review of a product did, but the product creates an effect that hides the impurities of skin. It doesn't just make the base so natural and set, but it gives a finish that's to die for.
(+) While it has  a certain effect that it produces, it doesn't look too fake, thick or opaque; it gives a healthy glowing effect that's really nice for me.When close, or on arm, the watch looks like a shimmer but when blended very well with sponge or brush, it gives a translucent finish that's like a crystal in glow, but not too sparkling.
 Swatch of NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder Translucent Crystal - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Very ideal for retouching - actually, you don't need it. It controls shine and provides that effect it promised for about 5 hours or more  such that touch ups are not needed.
(+) This product is paraben- and fragrance-free and non-comedogenic
(+) Additionally, revolutionary microfine mineral powders are loaded with glycerin and antioxidant vitamin E to help guard against dryness and keep skin comfortable all day

Overall, crystal-like skin can be truly achievable with this product, and when possibly combined with highlighters, it can give the skin that's to die for. But not just that - it controls shine and makes everything look natural, healthy and glowing.


  1. I've been searching for a decent review on this one and I'm so glad i found yours! <3 I've been eyeing for this since I love shimmers a lot~ Now I am convinced to get myself one. Thank you thank you!! ^^

  2. Hi sis! Which rustans dep store mo nabili to? Thanks! :)