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ZA Mascaras

ZA Cosmetics, recently relaunched Japanese brand in the Philippines, introduces new mascara options for Filipinas. Like how we treat our hair, the brand gives customized solutions for every lash type. Let's check them out!

PHP: 495
Availability: Sm & Watsons Department Stores

ZA released its autumn-winter collection and below is a preview of that with focus on the eyes. I will share their exciting eye colour story soon. But of course, any eye makeup wouldn't be complete without a mascara.

Now let me start with the Killer Volume mascara.
(+) I like that it gives extra volume. Starting with the big brush with great amount of mascara liquid instantly creates long-lasting, separated and upward volume lashes.
(+) I like that it gives lashes long-lasting volume & curl!

 photo IMG_6949_zps985c5d70.jpg
Swatch of ZA Killer Volume Mascara
(+/) I don't know but I haven't experience this extra volume and while it starts to clump on second coat, I love the curl and thickness it gives my lashes. If you are a dramatic person like, you'll understand haha I just brush after to lessen clumping and to organize the lashes.
(+) However, with just one coat and with minimal application, you can see that the clumping is not that bad. TIP: here's how you can make sure that the curl stays in place as taught by ZA:

 photo IMG_7568_zps87ff0096.jpg
Swatch of ZA Killer Volume Mascara - 1 coat
 photo IMG_7343_zps4ce592b9.jpg
Swatch of ZA Killer Volume Mascara - 2 coats
 photo IMG_7342_zps0dec12d9.jpg
Swatch of ZA Killer Volume Mascara - 2 coats
(-) It's waterproof so a really good cleanser is needed for this. If just soap or foam cleanser, it would really stay for days and make eyes quite messy.

Now let's proceed to Perfect Action mascara which is a newest addition to the family.
(+) Now unlike Killer Volume, this mascara is inferior in volume and is just the same in terms of length but is better in separation of lashes.
(+) It also has very minimal clumping even in 2 coats and looks natural.
 photo IMG_6948_zpsc9fdc2d8.jpg
Swatch of ZA PErfect Action Mascara
(+) The flat Wide Volume Brush is double-acting: The flat top and tapered side give volume, long, and separate lashes.
(+) Formulated with Long Stretch Fibers to add length to lashes. Moisturizing collagen is gentle too.
(+) Now unlike Killer Volume, film-type formulation stays smudge-free all day, yet washes off with warm water!
 photo IMG_7341_zpse54795a7.jpg
Swatch of ZA PErfect Action Mascara
Below is a photo of the model wearing Perfect Action.

Overall, I would use Killer Volume at night while Perfect Action during the day because of the convenience, natural look and ease of the latter. As mentioned, it's nice to achieve different looks for the lashes. With the price and quality, I think that you can afford both. But if on a tight budget, I would recommend Perfect Action.

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